Man Gets Convicted of Dog Fighting for Second Time

Edward Bishop was convicted on felony dog fighting charges for a second time in Buffalo, NY.

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Edward “Boo” Bishop of Buffalo, New York has been convicted on dog fighting charges for a second time.  The man was arrested in a raid and seizure that took place about 16 months ago that forced him to answer to more than 20 charges, including one for every dog removed.

At first, Bishop only faced seven felony charges of dog fighting.  However, once the ASPCA of Erie County and law enforcement conducted searches on six locations tied to Bishop, the number of charges jumped up considerably.

After 16 months in and out of court, and some evidence gathered in the raid being thrown out as being outside the scope of the search warrants, Judge Thomas P. Franczyk convicted Bishop one only one of the counts.  In his decision, he noted that even though all of the dogs taken did show signs of former fighting, only one of the dogs was fully trained to fight, and was very obviously in a fight recently.

The judge also noted Bishop’s prior conviction in 2010.  He was found guilty of sponsoring a dog in a fight for profit, and served 30 days with two years of supervised release.  In the current conviction, Bishop faces up to four years in prison, and he is set to be sentenced on February 17th.

323 thoughts on “Man Gets Convicted of Dog Fighting for Second Time

  1. Its disgusting that the judge only convicted him of one felony count. He will be out in a year or less, and go right back to torturing innocent dogs.

  2. There will be No Mercy for those who have not shown Mercy to others and that includes animals. But if you have been Merciful, God Will be Merciful when he judges you. – James 2:13

  3. Apparently he didn’t learn anything from the first time.. Keep saying the sentences need to be tougher than a slap on the wrist.. What a scum bag.. Takes a real toughie to torture a defenseless animal or beat them into submission.. Hope some animal lovers kick his fu*@=ng ass…

  4. Second time?!? Why was it so easy for him to get off the first time?? Awful system we have! These Judges need to have better Laws to protects all animals against cruelty.

  5. I know it isnt the conviction that we all want, but judges are at least moving in the right direction. 10 years ago a judge probably would have told him to get out of his court room and stop wasting his time

  6. WTF……ARREST THE SOB FOR GOOD!!! Sick and fucking tired of the sorry law that DOESN’T make dog fighting into a MUTHA FKN FELONY!!!! GROW SOME GD NUTS!!!!!

  7. Well, I hope the judge will sentence him severely this time….as it will send a message to other animal abuser. If not, then the new law won’t mean a damned thing!

  8. He needs an additional fine to pay for care and rehabilitation of any dogs. And if he cannot afford it, then confiscate his property.

  9. You have got to be kidding me! Punishment for animal abusers is a joke. An abuser will continue to abuse if they feel they have something to gain. The punishment should fit the crime. Throw his @ss in a cell with murderers and rapists and let him get torn apart.

  10. So he gets a second conviction? Another slap on the hand so he does it again? When will judges start being accountable for horrible acts of abuse and get these offenders locked up?

  11. He should be in jail for 30 years!!! The rotten bastard. Better yet, before he goes to jail……Let him in the ring with those poor dogs so they can teach him a lesson. Just let them have at him. The judge should be in the same ring!

  12. wow, don’t want to read more…it’s appalling ~ you didn’t know that’s animal abuse the first time.. you moron…what a disgrace of a human being.. give him the max Judge…smh


  14. Throw the slimball to the dogs. He’s worthless piece of shit. I hope the justice system deals with this asshole. Society has no use for slimballs that do this to innocent dogs.

  15. LOCK HIM AWAY and THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!!! SCUMBAG!!!!! The Judge needs to be checked!!!! Animal abuse is a FELONY Judge or did you miss that one when it passed in LAW????

  16. No more flipping chances for this scumbag !!! Make this evil maggot have pain for the rest of his miserable life as he brought onto all these precious babies he caused pain an injury too … Sickening if you let him go with a slap on the hand…..

  17. Put me in a room with this bastard, I will beat him to within an inch of his life, and leave him to suffer, after covering his wounds with salt.I will use a baseball bat.

  18. This is why you want to retain capital punishment. There’s no way at all to argue that the world wouldn’t be a better place without THIS guy in it.

  19. If only they would throw him to the dogs. Perhaps the motorcycle guys will read this and seek him out. They rescue the dogs.

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