NYC Health Officials Fighting Back on Dining With Dogs Laws

Edita Birnkrant with the Friends of Animals said, “It is killing the spirit of the bill in that it is making it virtually impossible for restaurants to allow people to bring their dogs.”

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In New York City, laws were recently passed that allowed people to dine at restaurants in the area with their dogs, as long as they followed a specific set of rules.  Now, supporters of the legislation are accusing local health officials of scrambling to do anything they can to make the practice very difficult.

“Just because the city opposes this law does not mean they are allowed to neuter it through onerous regulation,” said state Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan).  Rosenthal was a big sponsor of the laws before they were signed in.

New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan)
New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan)

The local health department seems to be making an attempt at coming up with stiffer and stiffer regulations to deter people bringing their dogs to eat with them.  Almost as if they want to make it so difficult to actually do, that people will simply give up.

The new regulations could see restaurant owners being forced to check for proper licensing of the dog.  If the license can’t be validated, then the dog and their human will be denied service.  There will also be new stipulations stating that new barriers must be built at the restaurant, further confining the dogs to a smaller and smaller space.  The dogs would not be able to touch any of the tables or chairs in any way, and must not be in a required 36-inch buffer zone surrounding the tables.  Finally, there will be new required signage that will need to be posted, advising that dogs are on the property and that they must remain outdoors at all times.

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Edita Birnkrant with the Friends of Animals said, “It is killing the spirit of the bill in that it is making it virtually impossible for restaurants to allow people to bring their dogs.”

The Health Department for NYC has issued a statement highlighting the health and safety of both diners and passersby.  The public has a say in whether or not the new regulations will be taking effect.  A hearing is scheduled for January 26th at the Long Island offices of the Health Department.

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21 thoughts on “NYC Health Officials Fighting Back on Dining With Dogs Laws

  1. I would sooner eat in a restaurant with dogs there rather than with bratty kids or people. My dog comes to most places with me to eat, lots of dog friendly restaurants in the uk ?

  2. Dogs should be allowed in restaurants as they don’t scream or shout, we choose restaurants where parents with children cannot afford to eat or are discourages a much nicer experience for all,

  3. Maybe have a section for dogs and one for screaming kids. Watch how many would end up in the dog section that don’t even have dogs just to get peace and quiet while eating.

  4. Don’t know what the fuss is all about. We have people who have coughs, flu, sick and still walking around, go to work and eat in restaurants

  5. We have a small dog cafe and a large hotel/restaurant in our small town that allows dogs. Its great. In the restaurant one side dogs other side no dogs. Always more in dog side

  6. What complete “nanny state” nonsense. In Europe, pretty much any country allows dogs to be in restaurants. In France it is actually common to see dogs sitting in a chair at the table !! No epidemics seem to follow such liberal canine practices ! The authorities in NYC should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. The US needs to grow up and try rejoining the first world….good grief, dogs are probably healthier patrons than some of the people dining out.

  8. Restaurant owners ought to at least entertain the idea about having a dog friendly establishment.
    So many more doors would open.
    Experiment with days of the week.
    Everyday or possibly only certain days of the week … have the entire dining areas be open for canines or perhaps section off.
    A lot of young children make more noise such as screaming & crying , cause far more distractions , bring in more types of germs and definitely annoy several patrons.
    Put Questionnaires with the menu or on table asking folks their personal thoughts on going to a restaurant where dogs are allowed and not children.
    DOG FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS need to be on the radar.
    There are many folks that would go out to dine and or go more so if they could take their best friend.

  9. A well cared for dog is not likely to bring any more dirt into a restaurant than people’s shoes. Restaurants don’t ask coughing,
    Sneezing people to leave with their germs. Also, consider that babies sometimes literally void their bowels at the table… Being in public is gross, period. Who cares if you throw some dogs into the mix.

  10. Many years ago my mother was allowed in many restaurants with her perfectly behaved miniature poodle.This wonderful companion never let her down and all praise to those restaurant owners.

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