Street Dog Trapped in a Gate Has the Sweetest Reaction to Being Freed

Animal Aid Unlimited didn’t just save her once – they did it twice…..



Neighbors were afraid of dogs, and worried that she might bite them if they attempted to get her unstuck.  But the volunteers with Animal Aid Unlimited knew she meant no harm, so when they received the call about her, they immediately set to work on freeing her.


1.23.16 - Trapped Dog's Reaction to Being Freed1


Though squeezing her through caused her to be pinched a little, the team easily managed the task of getting her out.  Once free, she was naturally grateful, and doled out kisses at the rescue group’s home base.


1.23.16 - Trapped Dog's Reaction to Being Freed2


And Animal Aid didn’t just save her once – they did it twice.  She also had mange, which would have eaten her alive had she not been taken in.


1.23.16 - Trapped Dog's Reaction to Being Freed3

33 thoughts on “Street Dog Trapped in a Gate Has the Sweetest Reaction to Being Freed

  1. These people that devote their time and lives to helping Gods creatures, will certainly be blessed….

  2. I’m so glad that the people at Animal Aid Unlimited help these precious dogs and really care about them. I will always continue to support them with my donation because I believe in their mission and they make me very proud to be a part of their work to save animals.

  3. All animals are precious. While I’m here, if you happen to live in California, please consider signing my petition. We don’t have the harsh brutal winters of the East Coast or Midwest, but it’s all relative, and dogs do get cold ~ especially short-haired dogs like Chih’s Pits…Even though we have CA Penal § 597(b), it is rarely enforced. Dogs are left in the yard without a proper shelter, and at best, one rickety dog house for multiple dogs in low 20°- 30°s with wind and frost advisory condition. We also have El Nino. Please consider signing and sharing. Thank you.

  4. I have the up most respect for the animal rescue in India.more countries need to learn from the compassion they have for animals.they show so much gentleness and kindness when they handle them.bless you for all you do.

  5. How kind and gentle they were petting him first to reassure him they are there to help him , love happy endings . Bless , and they took him in to make him well , xxx?

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