Waiter Faces Backslash after Scorching Dog with Hot Water

A free roaming house pet entered a restaurant where he wasn’t welcomed and instead of being humanly removed, he was drenched with boiling water.

On December 2015, a Chilean waiter caused third degree burns on 20% of a dog’s body after the man threw boiling water onto a dog in a cruel attempt to kick the dog out of the restaurant.

Photo credit: PerrosPlazaHuem/Twitter
Photo credit: PerrosPlazaHuem/Twitter

The dog named Polaco does have a loving owner, and the woman is distraught over the injuries the restaurant employee caused her dog.

It is customary in Latin American countries to allow house pets to roam the streets freely. Polaco’s owner owns a business not too far away from the restaurant and the dog is a welcomed visitor in many of the area businesses. Other restaurants do offer the dog some food when he steps into their establishments, but on this day, Polaco walked into Ají Seco restaurant where he wasn’t welcomed.

Photo credit: Coniriwi/Twitter
Photo credit: Coniriwi/Twitter

Instead of simply kicking the dog out, the employee grabbed a pot of boiling water and poured it over the unsuspecting dog. Crying in agony Polaco left the restaurant. As soon as his owner found her injured pet she rushed him to a veterinarian.

The news of the animal abuse were made public when various animal lovers Tweeted the incident. The restaurant’s owner offered the pet owner 20,000 Chilean pesos (about $30) to cover the dog’s medical costs, however, the veterinarian treating the pet said the cost will be close to 200,000 Chilean pesos ($300).

Local animal lovers were outraged with the abuse and organized a protest in front of the restaurant days later. The business was forced to close down during the manifestation and faced backslash for the employee’s cruel behavior and the apathy the restaurant owner showed the injured pet.

It is unclear if the restaurant re-opened or if the community continues to frequent and support the business. What is known is that Polaco is receiving medical care and will hopefully make a full recovery.

1,073 thoughts on “Waiter Faces Backslash after Scorching Dog with Hot Water

    1. if they can’t arrest him for cruelty to animals, then drag him to the street and tar and feather him (don’t use real feathers, of course)

  1. hope this “man” will receive a punishment! he MUST experience the same he did to this poor doggie just to feel what it means and understand the pain and lack of help and support from others!

  2. The waiter deserves the backslash, rather than a mere backlash. My alter-ego is super hero Animal Avenger, and I avenger injured animals! Ta-da!

  3. Damn this monster waiter should be dragged across a scorching hot parking lot naked then chained to a light pole in said parking lot beat with a whip and left there for buzzards to peck at… Jus sayin

  4. This is horrible! I’m glad to hear the community rallied and supported the dogs owner and the dog is getting the much needed medical care he needs.

  5. I think the penalty for those who abuse animals should be exactly what they did to the animal. In other words, this waiter should also have boiling water thrown on him, or ensure that he is also burnt on 20% of his body. No less than 20%.

  6. I feel like until these animal abusing monsters are given the “eye for an eye” punishment, nothing is going to change. You scald an animal… We’re scalding you. You beat an animal, we’re beating you. You starve an animal… We’re starving you. I would hope this policy would correct the issue.

  7. How cruel & heartless. It’s an animal. It wants food. It doesn’t understand it’s not supposed to be in the restaurant. How about not being a dick & lead the dog out? Idiot. ???

  8. what a complete douchebag. I hope he is charged and put in prison for such a heinous crime to a defenseless animal! better yet, let me at him with a big pot of boiling water and some salt…..

  9. Wtf why would u throw boiling water at any thing every time c this behaviour have to pray karma fucks them over twice as there is no sentence in place what an arse hole! !!

  10. Don’t agree with this at all but maybe the owner of the dog won’t let him roam the streets now, no matter how ‘normal’ this is in her country. You can not expect your dog to return home safely if you have no regards for its safety in the first place.

  11. I’m so furious with this jerk! I have had boiling water, accidentally, fall on my leg,when I was 4 years old. …the pain! He needs to see what that feels like!

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