Biker Saves Dog Abandoned on Highway and Makes Him Co-Pilot

After enduring abuse on the side of a highway, this dog found a loving home thanks to the motorcyclist who saved him.

On January 14, 2016, Brandon Turnbow from Burleson, Texas was out riding his Harley Davidson and had planned to meet his dad. The motorcyclist didn’t think he would to save and adopt a dog that day, but after witnessing a dog getting abused on the side of the highway, that’s just what this man ended up doing.





Turnbow was riding on Highway 171 near Cresson, Texas, when something odd caught his eye.

“[I] was riding out an saw a vehicle pulled over on 171 with a worthless piece of crap beating an innocent little white dog,” posted Turnbow on Facebook. “I watched in my rear view and saw this guy throw the dog into the air curbside and drive off.”

After the dog was abandoned, the hero rescuer went to check on the dog. Th pet was on the side of the highway, at risk of getting run over by other vehicles. Turnbow picked him up and quickly rode to catch up with the former abusive owner.

“I went after the guy just to give him a number one sign. And I now have a Co pilot- Meet Mr. DAVIDSON,” he wrote on his Facebook post.




Mr. Davidson is one lucky dog. He now enjoys a pampered life full of love. When he is not lounging on a comfortable dog bed, he is playing with Turnbow’s other dog named Harley, or inspiring his musically talented new owner to write songs.

The rescue experience inspired the motorcyclist/musician to write a song. You can listen to it here. 

No one knows what drove Mr. Davidson’s former owner to abuse and dispose of him in such cruel manner, but things happen for a reason, and if it wasn’t for that horrific experience this dog would have not ended in the loving home he is in today.

Thanks to Turnbow and his huge heart, Mr. Davidson now enjoys the good life.

469 thoughts on “Biker Saves Dog Abandoned on Highway and Makes Him Co-Pilot

  1. God sent this precious dog to you because you both needed each other.thanks for rescuing this beautiful will have unconditional love forever.

      1. That A-hole needs a lesson he CAN”T forget, perhaps a real fun blanket party thrown by a few animal lover types. Wish I could join them.

  2. you ARE a HERO, Brandon! Kudos to you in stopping & saving that beautiful pup, you now call your own! No animal deserves ANY kind of abuse, such as what your’s was going thru & you are both blessed to be love & to be loved unconditionally!!

  3. Some of the nicest and gentlest guys I’ve known have been bikers. We have one in my church who grows his beautiful hair long, then donates it to an organization that makes and donates wigs to children with cancer. Never let the outside fool you–they have big hearts! This is a lucky little dog!

  4. you just have to love Harley guys !!!!!! the best !!! wishing he had thrown rocks at the abuser…. Kudos and Thank you sir !!1

  5. some people make you wonder if they are more animal than the pet they hurt then you are lucky to hear about the good ones like this man who give the poor dog the love they need 🙂

  6. So glad this awesome guy found this great dog! I hope the former dog owner gets hit by a car while being punched in the face.

  7. I live right here !! … OMG … I LOVE YOU FOR RESCUING THIS PRECIOUS SOUL !!! I would have gotten the license plate number and turned him in !!! WHAT A GORGEOUS CO-PILOT !!!!

  8. Thank you for being there for this baby when some asshole was hurting him and threw him away. Makes me feel good to know some humans still have hearts. Bikers always get the rep of being bad, mean terrible people. But I can say from experience, every biker I’ve ever met have always been the best most charitable helping people you’d ever want to know. Thanks again and ride safe.

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