Paralyzed Dog Gets Wheels Taken Away Before Getting Dumped at Shelter

Angie’s former owners dumped her at the shelter but before abandoning her, they took away her wheelchair. She is paralyzed.

Angie used to walk on all fours, but after suffering an accident she was left paralyzed from her hind legs. Her owners used to love her, but on Feb. 21, 2016, they drove her to Miami-Dade Animal Services and surrendered her. If losing her home and family wasn’t horrible enough, the pet owners took off the wheelchair she used for mobility right before leaving her alone and scared at the shelter.

Photo credit: Facebook/Urgent Dogs of Miami/LoveyLoaves
Photo credit: Facebook/Urgent Dogs of Miami/LoveyLoaves


Urgent Dogs of Miami posted Angie’s story on their Facebook page and pleaded followers to help her.

“URGENT! Just when you think you’ve heard everything you could about crappy owners, you hear this,” said the post. “Angie is paralyzed and was just dumped at the shelter by her owners who took her wheelchair back with them!! Per shelter notes: Recommend transfer to a 24 hour care veterinary facility prior to 6:30 PM on 2/22/16 or humane euthanasia may be indicated.”

Animal lovers worked together and shared the dog’s story, saving her life. Lovey Loaves Inc., learned about Angie and immediately offered to take her in. They organized transport and the following day the unwanted and paralyzed dog was out of the shelter and on her way to a better life.

“Angie is out of the shelter, on the road and SAFE SAFE SAFE!” posted Lovey Loaves Inc.

Three hours later they said she was finally in their arms, was “filthy and in some pain” but the plan was to give her a bath, a warm place to sleep for the night and then it is off to the vet in the morning.

Photo credit: Facebook/LoveyLoaves
Photo credit: Facebook/LoveyLoaves


The organization said veterinarians would determine the extent of her injuries after running various tests. If the injuries could be reversed, Angie will get the medical assistance needed to get back on all four legs again. If nothing can be done, rescuers will fit her with her very own custom wheelchair, and this time, the wheels won’t be taken away.

Learn more about Angie and how you can help by visiting Lovey Loaves Inc.’s website. If interested on helping Angie, consider making an online donation.

To stay up-to-date with her progress, follow Lovey Loaves Inc. on Facebook.

386 thoughts on “Paralyzed Dog Gets Wheels Taken Away Before Getting Dumped at Shelter

  1. Raise the money for a custom wheelchair online. I raised the money for my 2 legged chiwienie here at Puppy Dog Ranch Rescue and Sanctuary for a custom wheelchair (twice) in less than 8 hours.

  2. Thank you Lovey Loaves and everyone who helped this beautiful baby. The bums who dumped her deserve to lose the use of the their legs with no wheelchair and see how they like it! Praying for this little one to get adopted into a living home!

  3. absolutely heartless I will keep this little one in my prayers that a human will come along and give her all the love she deserves

  4. People are so cruel sometimes. I don’t know how anyone does this to an animal that just wants love. You can see she is a sweet dog. Happy she is hands that will care for her.

  5. Please read about the DIY wheelchair made for another dog for $40. Maybe someone at the shelter or friend of the shelter can help.

  6. How horrible to do this. All I can say is KARMA! Hopefully they will never need a wheelchair. Someone might take it away from them.

  7. The article says the owners used to love her…that can’t possibly be true. There’s some really bad karma going in that family’s way!

  8. What in the hell are they going to do with that wheelchair in the first place? Its for the damn dog, not for your neglectful, narrowminded asses

  9. Horrible excuse for humans who would do this to this dog. Hope karma kicks then big time but mostly hope this precious dogs gets the real home and family she deserves.

  10. find these owners and break their legs, (which is probably what they did to angie) and leave them on a desolate field with no food or water…sons of bitches.

  11. Omg can’t believe how disgusting and cruel previous owners were. Karma will get them one day. God bless new family that have Angie ?

  12. Horrendous & sickening – these heart-less, gut-less p.o.s. are parasites of our species & deserve to be wiped out. Best wishes for you Angie and a bright, happy future in which you are cared for & adored.

  13. And why did you take her wheels away? Im sure you didnt have another dog that needed them, and I assume you wouldnt be getting another special needs dog. You heartless dog sole killers, that dog was injured while living with you and most likely from neglect, or by your own hands involved some how. Did your parents drop you off when you got hurt, how would you of overcome something like that?

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