Paralyzed Dog Regains Mobility With $40 DIY Doggy Wheelchair

James Stewart Paniagua earned the title of “best boyfriend ever” after constructing a $1,000 doggy wheelchair replica for just $40.

Benny, short for Benito, is a three-year-old Pomeranian from Victorville, California. He was a normal, happy dog, but one day he woke up paralyzed. His owner, Brianna Ibarra, rushed him to a vet clinic and learned the dog’s paralysis could be reversed, however, it would cost her $8,000.

Ibarra was devastated when she found out she couldn’t afford the surgery her beloved dog needed to regain his mobility. Veterinarians informed her Benny could live his life without the surgery but needed a wheelchair, and when the woman researched doggy carts online, she was crushed to learn it would cost her $1,000 to get one. She couldn’t afford that either.

Not having the funds for either surgery or wheelchair, the pet owner was at a loss. Thankfully, James Stewart Paniagua, Ibarra’s boyfriend, came to the rescue and earned the title of best boyfriend and pet lover ever when he manufactured a custom doggy wheelchair for just $40.  Paniagua couldn’t let her sweetheart agonize over the health of the pet, so he took it upon himself to learn how to make an affordable wheelchair.

Photo credit: James Stewart Paniagua
Photo credit: James Stewart Paniagua


“I needed a doggy wheelchair pretty bad and didn’t have the funds to shell out thousands of dollars,” he told Victor Valley News.

With the help of YouTube, a trip to the hardware store and Walmart, the innovative man spent $40 dollars on PVC pipes, nuts, bolts, super glue, Velcro and a scooter to make Benny his very own custom wheelchair.

Thanks to the DIY instructional video and the wheels from the Walmart scooter, the paralyzed dog is free again to move on his own.

Benny might need some getting used to when it comes to maneuvering around with his new sets of wheels, but he is happy to be on the move again.



51 thoughts on “Paralyzed Dog Regains Mobility With $40 DIY Doggy Wheelchair

  1. Oh how I love to see the creative mind of man at work….rather than giving in to the ridiculously expensive options offered. I’m impressed, both at your ingenuity, and the obvious love you have for your fur baby!

  2. 3-D printers don’t make them that cheaply but a lot less than traditional wheel chairs. So glad he’s moving around again!

  3. Vets are a rip off. All in it for the money. Like when you have a simple question we’ll call the vet for some info. They just keep saying bring him/her in. Make an appointment. It’s all money, the vets around here are around $50-$65 just for the visit. Not anything else, just the doc to come in for 5 minutes and say some things them walk back out.

  4. The costs to take your pet to the vet has gotten out of control! Making it very hard to have a pet these days. So happy he was able to come up with a cheaper solution. ???

  5. hey if u can build a decent lil roller then do it….otherwise u jus get all theses idiot vets n docs tryn to milk ppl for thrr money -_-

  6. How sweet! The gentleman loves his lady as well as her fur baby. And the love enhaces his creativity and ingenuity. God bless!

  7. It might be called a DIY but there is something more than that. It is a work of heart . Spending time and effort to do something for someone, could come from the heart. And you are brilliant, you did not give up or got simply turned off to help the pup because of the $1000, you did just did not stop there.

  8. This article is so inaccurate it is painful….first off for a dog that small a wheel chair is like 150. second I work at a clinic and have yet to see back surgery go as far as 8000, I had a mastiff patient that I believe said it cost 4000 for theirs. Now I don’t know what is wrong with that dog, but I’m going to guess a disc problem since they said it could regain mobility. Prices range from place to place but both those numbers seem excessive….and lastly for those complaining about office prices. …look into the time to become a vet and the overhead cost for running a clinic then maybe you will have some understanding of why prices are the way they are.

  9. Its easy to look up what vets make, they make a lot less than doctors. They could have been family practitioner’s and made double, or specialized and make 250-500k. Young vets might be making less than senior city employees doing things like parking enforcement, and cleaning up the park, mowing lawns etc.

  10. Am I the only person who doesn’t think this is ideal ? Dog wheelchairs are not that expensive and I think this dog needs medical treatment, he’s probably in pain 🙁

  11. I commend you for your effort in making the wheelchair for him, but apparently you didn’t do a lot of research on the subject. Google for free wheelchairs and you will find new ones for 200.00 and much less. You will also find used ones for under 100.00, and none of them use a bar across the back of the neck, and sticking out from the shoulders which is weighty and uncomfortable for the dog. They all use a soft harness. Even ebay sells them for under 100.00 and are adjustable for small dogs.

    If the dog was diagnosed with disk problems I hope you have him on pain relievers. Bear in mind a dog can mask their pain but just the same is feeling it like a human would. And your vet is way over priced! You could bring her to a second Vet for an evaluation. Possibly charge the bill and or set a page.

  12. No respect to the owners from me!. They should of course pay the money for a REAL wheelchair and treatmeant. They can pretend , but its obvious they don’t give a f damn.

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