Pit Bulls Are the New Breed of Police Dogs

There’s a new police dog sheriff in town, and it is not a German shepherd or a Belgian Malinois – it’s a pit bull.

Pit bulls have had a bad reputation and people swear they are the most dangerous dog breed ever, but this statement isn’t even remotely true. We’ve grown used to seeing German shepherds and Belgian Malinois as police dogs, but how would you feel if pit bulls become the next generation of K-9 officers? Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9 have joined forces to prove skeptics that pit bulls are not just great dogs, but also a breed we can trust our lives to.


Kiah the Pit bull while working as a police dog. Photo credit: LittleThings.com
Kiah the pit bull while working as a police dog. Photo credit: LittleThings.com




The two organization work together to save pit bulls from shelters and train them to become police dogs. Animal Farm Foundations covers the cost of the training while Universal K9 prepares the dogs to be outstanding citizens and K9 officers.

The program has successfully placed nine pit bulls across different police departments and these four-legged officers have proved they can do the jobs as well as German shepherds or Malinois can.

Kiah is one of the nine K-9 detective pit bulls in the nation and she works along side her partner, Officer Justin Bruzgul from the Poughkeepsie Police Department. She is patrol certified and also trained to track missing adults and children.



Kiah playing with her partner. Photo credit: LittleThings.com
Kiah playing with her partner. Photo credit: LittleThings.com




“It is nice to have her as my partner,” Bruzgul told LittleThings.com. “I know she will be there, she will have my back if I need her and she will do whatever I need her to do.”

Training shelter dogs to do police work is a cost-effective measure because police departments no longer spend excessive amounts of money buying their four-legged officers from breeders. Money is not the only thing this program saves – lives are saved too.

Once again, here’s another example of why it pays to give pit bulls a second chance.




Rescued Pit Bulls On Patrol…They should do this in every town! Video credit: Natasha Scully

Posted by LittleThings.com on Saturday, February 6, 2016


221 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Are the New Breed of Police Dogs

    1. Excellent idea!! These loving, loyal, protective dogs are the most amazing dogs ever! I own 3 pittys and feel like this would help open people’s eyes to how wonderful these dogs are and dispel the myth of the “mean and scary” pitbull.

    1. NOT a wonderful idea, unless you want the pit bulls hanged to unconsciousness behind the scenes and kicked (and then kept in solitary confinement when they aren’t being used or abused) just like the shepherds are now. I’ve worked in it and done the research. In public they are called “partners,” in private they are called “tools,” and the torture is extreme and ongoing.

      1. Not sure where you get your info sue but I have a personal friend from high school that was a k9 officer and never have seen any of this to be true. When I would visit my friend he wasn’t caged away in solitary confinement. He was blocked off in another room but that’s because they are not like regular house pet dogs and treating them like so could jeopardize its training it has had. Not supposed to let it out to roam around your family and friends when at home to baby talk it and feed it people food. This is a classic example of dont believe everything you see or hear on the internet sue. I know not all officers are the same and not all of them do the right things as they should but all we can do is hope they do and the dog lives a good life as a k9 officer. They are also using dogs from the dog pounds so they are getting a second chance at life at least which in my opinion is much better than the alternative of being euthanized before ever having a chance at anything.

      2. Wow, your level of ignorance on this is astounding. I’m former law enforcement, and currently train dogs and K9.
        These dogs are not abused. Seriously, even a fool if thought wise when he keeps his mouth closed. Best not to open it, and remove all doubt.

      3. What r u talkin about? The police r treating the dogs this way? Are u nuts to even say that? Go to another site and spout yr crap there plz. And for the love of god get on some medication!

        1. No, not crazy, The web site is http://www.stopk9torture.com

          There are some other articles and videos showing this is the case, but the perpetrators are extremely secretive about it, and they LIE, LIE, LIE. I’ll include just a couple more links. But if anyone is interested, I’ll provide more.

          I know it is easier in life to keep the blinders on, but if you want to know the truth, this is it. I worked in it for 18 years, and then did the research, to confirm that it’s the rule, not the exception to the rule.

          NC troopers torture dogs as a matter of policy | Cop Block

          If Cops Treat Their Own Dogs Like This, It is No Wonder …

          1. Sue
            Funny thing is that if german shepherds or other breeds can and will endure such treatment and retain some semblance of good behavior, because they are well balanced, the pits are a whole different story, Eventually it will become painfully obvious for many people that using those dogs as police dogs was a very bad idea. There already are plenty of instances where some policemen are misusing police dogs, some have been caught on camera, saw one on animal planet channel a few days ago.

    1. I agree with you Marlene because you got great life for these animals at all times and I have one myself at my shelter in Massachusetts.

  1. So police can have them but the public can’t, and the police will train them to attack, whereas some of us train ours to be loveable family pets and still run the risk of having them taken off us ?

    1. Right!!! And not only that but police are the main reason for this breeds deaths. They are always shooting them or something

        1. I could not agree more! It’s the owner not the breed. ANY breed can be a ‘good’ or ‘bad” dog with training or ignorance. Over breedin is out of control and before things get better it has to stop. Training Pitties us a fabulous idea. I hope the y train and place as many as possible.

          1. Ehh wers logic in that they tried saying the public wasnt allowed em bcoz they say they was a dangerous breed but yet police are now saying they want em t train up to attack us nice1 haha

    2. This is a very to statement but until the government stands down they will always get there way. ..pit bull is the only dog I will ever have.

  2. That’s excellent news to hear.
    They are loyal intelligent loving gentle playful dogs.
    A dogs behavior is a reflection of how he or she was trained & treated.
    Same applies with children.
    Criminals , Serial Killers , Rapists learned through behavioral methods of learning how & what to be.. Ones environment will mold / sculpt that individual in more ways than one.
    Dogs and infants are not born vicious.
    How and what people train them … abusive behavior usually.
    Owners of many ill-behaved dogs are the ones who are cruel cold evil spirited vicious and definitely mentally disturbed , not the animal..

    1. Unfortunately, the viciousness is on the part of K9 handlers, behind the scenes. They routinely hang the K9’s to unconsciousness, among other tortures. They nicknamed our K9 unit “The Hang ‘Em High Club.” If ONLY people knew.

      1. And you knew about this and did nothing ? You should have stepped up and did something to help protect the k9 unit dogs.Shame,Shame,SHAME ON YOU!!

      2. If you knew this was going on, and did nothing about it then you’re no better than those abusing the K9.
        I’ve never in my career known an officer or group to ever abide their dogs.

    1. They’ll stop shooting them and start hanging them to unconsciousness. That’s just one of the tortures that goes on behind the scenes in ongoing K9 “training” and handling.

    1. Why cuz ur afraid one might actually help u if u need it?? I’ve rescued some of the meanest pitbulls and rebuilt them into an extremely lovable dogs. U will never know what its like to run up and hug a dog that does not know love.

    1. If it weren’t for these dog more officers would be dead and alot of people in disasters would have died

    2. Theses dogs are taken off death rowfrom the shelters. Better to be a K9 officer dog than a dead dog.

  3. WTF?!!! As police dogs? Fucking insane! The police will only “help” to destroy the reputation of this poor breed even more..

    1. that is not true look at kira the first pit to become cop and she off duty she go out to show they are sweet dogs

    1. Mine gets out of bed at 11:30 and like yours hates rain or even better getting wet in general. lol

  4. I’m shocked that there are a few of you who either think it’s “insane” or are not understanding how this will only HELP pits. Police dogs are the highest of honored dogs. They are heros and treated as such. Many cops right now see pit bulls as dangerous dogs, to be feared at any call they have to take. They don’t understand them and are ready to shoot them, no question. The do shoot them, even when they aren’t being attacked! So if police begin to work with pits and see a pit on their squad or even have a pit as a partner, they will begin to see them in a different light! Makes sense doesn’t it? Police honor the dogs they work with and see them as equal. It is lovely that there are a few pits that will get that honor now. They deserve it. Plus they are just perfect for the job. How do you think criminals are gonna feel with a pit coming for them…. Good luck! German Shepherds are awesome dogs for the job but I think I see pits as being even better, tougher, faster, stronger, and oh so loyal. I hope this grows to the point that pits are just automatically seen as cop dogs. That would be awesome… Some day maybe….

  5. I am a huge German Shepherd fan … With that being said I love love love this! Giving this beautiful breed an opportunity to show what great dogs they are while saving them from shelters and ultimately death is just to awesome for words. So glad this is happening. Can’t wait to hear about all the successes coming out of this program.

    1. I agree! Have always had GSD. I was always prejudiced against Pits….. Until Clops came into my life. He’s just as smart, but a lot more stubborn than GSD. He’s great! He’s a rescue from the pound. I said that wouldn’t happen, but here he is. I’m a retired Cop now, but looking back, I’d surelikked to have had him with me on duty. Loyal beyond belief.

      1. Have four dogs including a pit and a French Shepherd said to be able to take down a wolf in 20 minutes. Both are love bugs and not fighters.

    1. She is blue champagne pit. I have one. So beautiful. Pits are unbelievably loyal and loving. Humans are the problem!

  6. Also note that only the most trainable stable dogs are used as Police dogs. They are highly trained & are in no way viscous, unless your a criminal on the other end of their bite. Even then they need to be stable enough to be called off.

  7. That is so great…this is a breed of dog that needs a job…when they are locked up inside all day with nothing to do like any dog they are overly rambunctious when their owner finely gets home! This is so perfect for these wonderful dogs!

  8. I wish they would train pit bulls that would save a lot of lines because they’re the best dogs ever very loyal its all on how they’re raised

  9. It’s about time they realized what great dogs pitties are! And yes they need a job! They are the perfect dog & too many wind up in shelters due to owners not living up to their responsibilities & backyard breeders trying to make a buck! Adopt don’t shop!

    1. Did you know by scientific study they have the lowestest IQ??? Also 1 dog is worth 5 cops…..esp for pitts read on dogbites.org

    2. Randy you are a idiot. Goes to show that you are very uneducated and don’t know much about what you are talking about. K-9’s are very useful in Law Enforcement. I am sure if we as humans could track someone whom is lost or sniff out drugs and track criminals we would not need them. Do research before bashing us Cops or better yet don’t call when you are getting robbed or violated cause we may be sitting on our fat asses.

    3. Randy, what a stupid comment from an intelligent adult person like yourself. When you go to school to learn you have to have a pencil to write. A pencil is a tool you use to do notes which you have to learn from. You also need an eraser, ruler divider etc as additional tools to assist you in the study of your subject you are studying.t. This dog is one of the many tools that are used by the police to perform their job. Just remember too a cabinet maker cannot create furniture without tools now how do you think the police are going to able to do the work without tools. Not all police officers have fat arses (It would be nice if you would withdraw that insulting remark) and the dog is not doing their dirty work either. I think you have had a major issue with the police in general and this is the reason for your idiotic comment or were the “victim” of a police dog’s fangs?

  10. I wish the public would accept this breed for what they really are–loyal, intelligent, and so willing to please their humans. ( we have one so we know how loving they can be!) They are actually perfect for this “job!” ( Pitbulls, back in the ’40’s & ’50’s were considered America’s sweethearts)– in fact, Sergeant Stubby, America’s most decorated war dog was a Pitbull!

      1. Google your reference. Sorry, it’s a bunch of anti-pit BS. Sorry you’re such a sorry, scared person you have to perpetuate lies about an amazing breed. Check out references before parroting nonsense. I hear there is a big movement towards denying the earth is round going on. Check it out, something else you’ll probably believe.

  11. Pit bulls are great dogs if they’re trained properly OK there obedient their loyal they will die to protect you I had pit bulls down wonderful wonderful dogs and they love to play and they loved a hug day just love but a lot of people abuse that like they did with German shepherds in the end and when you called pinchers they abuse the dog so that’s why they turn evil

  12. This is a terrific idea. I have read that pit bulls are one of the dogs least adopted from shelters. This could save some lives, and help better their image.

  13. Since unfortunately Pit Bulls are the first to be euthanized on a daily basis in all of the shelters that are still kill-shelters, this can and will save lives. Though I have been around shepherds, and Belgian malinois, the cost is far too high, and there are other breeds of dogs who are just as good. And no, not every pit can be a police dog either. But, for any and all that can be…God bless the depts. who have seen what good dogs these Bully Breeds are. I thank them for each and every dog they save.

  14. They hopefully would be trained, key word is trained which means they would still share affection, to respond as needed, and ideally rescue many of the outrageous number who succumb to being euthanized in our shelters.

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