Dog with NO Bite History Sentenced to Death

“I miss him every single day,” Tom said. “I will bankrupt myself to get my dog back, I will do anything to make sure he can be back at home with his family.”

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Discrimination against pit bulls is waning because of the tireless dedication of their advocates, but unfortunately, there are still many areas where misguided politicians have made it illegal to have them.  In the UK, a dog named Teddy – who might not even be a pit bull – has been taken from his home and sentenced to death simply because he lives in a home with a small child.  Please help us fight this ruling!

Tom Hook is fighting tooth and nail to get his boy back.  On February 5th, Teddy was seized on the suspicion of being a banned breed.  When Tom got his dog as a puppy, he thought he was an American bulldog, which has not been banned in his area.  Police believe he is a pit bull, and have been keeping him kenneled since.



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Teddy has never attacked or bitten anyone, but the courts have decided that he poses a threat to Tom’s four-year-old daughter.  She adores Teddy, and the feeling is mutual.  When she was ill, he spent the entire day next to her, making sure she was ok.

He even has a marvelous report from the police, but none of this has made any difference, and the magistrates have ordered that he be destroyed.



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“I am distraught, devastated,” Tom told the Swindon Advertiser.  “I was 95 per cent sure that he would be allowed home. And to hear that made me so angry. He is not a danger to anyone and I will prove that.

“The most injury Teddy could inflict is from wagging his tail. It hurts that he hasn’t done anything wrong and he is being punished for it. That’s why I called him Teddy, he has the softest, sweetest nature. He has never shown any aggression to anyone.”



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“He is my daughter’s best friend, she uses him as a pillow. I’m in pieces now this has happened.  We have told my daughter that Teddy was on a special mission with the police to stop her getting upset. She still cries about him and she misses him.”

At Swindon Magistrates’ Court on Friday, Police Constable Steve Duffy of the Wiltshire Police Dog Unit said he believed Teddy could be returned to his family if he was neutered and wore a muzzle in public.  Nevertheless, chairman of the bench Geoff Earl disagreed.



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“PC Duffy has made a strong argument but we have been left with this one major fear: “If there was only you and your partner there would not be a problem, but the presence of a four-year-old child gives us great concern and we do not believe it is safe to make an exception in this case.”

Tom is filing an appeal, and has started a Facebook page called Teddy by name teddy by nature.  He has been keeping supporters updated on the case, and may have Teddy’s DNA tested to see if he should even be banned under the ludicrous law.



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“I’ve had him since he was 11 weeks old. This is the longest he has ever been away from me and I miss him every single day,” he said.  “I will bankrupt myself to get my dog back, I will do anything to make sure he can be back at home with his family.”

If you would like to sign the petition that will be brought before the court, asking for Teddy’s life to be spared, please CLICK HERE.



3.13.16 - Teddy by Name, Teddy by Nature1

200 thoughts on “Dog with NO Bite History Sentenced to Death

  1. These are those cruel people at work, soulless people. Disgusting, people who do this to an innocent animal are a waste of space on this planet

  2. BSL is nothing but dog racism, and racism is illegal in the UK. Why then is BSL allowed to exist there? It makes absolute zero logical sense.

  3. No this is getting out of controle I know dogs can turn in us quick but that’s not happend! Who are we to deside an animals death. It’s pathetic

  4. Great, people are signing at a much faster rate now I see……. it’s an absolute no-brainer.
    If we were to judge all of a certain breed of dog as vicious (based on the tiny proportion that were trained by humans to fight), then by the same logic we could label all politicians as ignorant, dangerous, warmongering fools like Bush……

    Please take 90 seconds to sign this petition and reunite this FAMILY member with his family 😉 (y)

  5. I know one thing is for sure. I’d go out of my way to prove he either isn’t a Pitty or if he is, then to be able to keep him with exception. .. and if he wasn’t treated sufficiently with proper testing, I’d sue the shit outta some people..

  6. Please make a story about the Danish law’s against dogs! Things like this is happening every day here. Dogs killed for no reason, except apperance! Mixed breeds are in no way acceptable to own, because they May look like illegal dogs eventhough they are a mix of fully legal dogs, and you as a owner are in no way able to prove their breed :/ innocent dogs are taken from their loving owners, being putted at a kennel with zero human concact for several months before being killed! In cases with bites, there are no rulings in the court, the police Pick up your dog and kill it – before there would even be time for a ruling!

  7. Absolute crap! The dog doesn’t look like a pit bull and it has no bite history. Sounds like it’s time to clean house in their government.

  8. How many dogs does the queen have? And how many times have those dogs bitten people? When they start putting her dogs in puppy prison on death row then they can do it to the common folk. Disgusting this poor dog has done nothing wrong.

  9. This is BS, I’m sick of politicians/government telling everyone how to live their lives. It’s none of the governments bloody business what breed of dog I own.

  10. its not dangerous dogs – its dangerous people – my pit is ace with my kids and grandaughter and he is deaf …. my jack Russel x Pug bitch on the other hand…gets a bit emotional

  11. The government officials who did this have been transported to the future from the Salem Witch trials! They are ignorant and uninformed. I do hope someone with a brain gets involved and saves this sweet dog. Such fools live among us!

  12. Hide your dogs, IF they are innocently being targeted!!! I’m for law and order, but I will save my pets IF they are innocent of bogus charges or for “looking” a certain way!!!!

  13. i wonder why they want to kill this lovely dog..dogs dont steal money to people,dogs dont need to respect them and also dogs dont need power to control people..all they want is love and home..

  14. DDA Watch is a British organization that helps fight BSL and works to free seized dogs and have them returned to their owners. Perhaps they can help in this case.

  15. In UK Victoria Stillwell has a Tv show 😡😡😱 she sentenced to death a dog because , since she couldn’t rehabilitate it, anyone else can. Crazy!!!!

  16. Wow, what the fuck is wrong with people? This gets me so heated. Humans who believe that all one certain breed of dog are vicious and dangerous are the ones who need to be sentenced to death. Not the poor dogs!

    Granted, some breeds have higher tendencies for aggressive behaviour, etc than others. That being said, unless a dog has a scum bag owner who abuses it, or the specific dog is put in a situation where they feel threatened, or needing to protect someone they love, it won’t just lose it’s mind for no reason and go into attack mode. Dogs are not vicious animals, they are loyal, protective, loving creatures.

    If they are regularly exercised, fed, loved, and taken proper care of; the dog will generally be a well tempered, proper behaved pooch.

    When we have evil, senseless ignorant humans as politicians such as this, that’s one of the many things that are wrong with this world today. Before the Pitbull, it was the Rottweiler, before that it was the German Shepard.

    I have a Rottweiler/German Shepard who I adopted when she was 2. I’ve had her for 8 years now. She is exercised daily, socialized regularly, fed properly, and loved unconditionally. She is one of the most well behaved dogs I know. Super friendly, happy, loving, and loyal.

    The coward who called himself her owner prior to me, had her chained up in his backyard, malnourished, neglected, unsocialized and beaten. She had so much Fear Aggression when I first got her, I.e. would growl or bark at mainly everyone to keep them away from her. She was terrified. Back then, people mistook her for dangerous and vicious. Due to the fact she was only trying to protect herself from more abuse, and would never actually bite anyone unless they were truly threatening towards her, or myself.

    It’s the people who own any type of abusive dog that we need to look at instead of the dog itself. They as a whole are not aggressive, violent, or dangerous creatures. They are a product of their enviornment! It’s about time more people wake the fuck up, and realize this.

  17. Why not let someone else, perhaps a relative, adopt him if he won’t be returned to his owner?? What matters is the personality of the dog, not the breed.

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