Recently Adopted Dog Takes Best “Adoption Photo” Ever

Cosco is very happy yo have found a forever home.

When Cosco, an Australian Kelpie and Stafforshire Bull Terrier from Melbourne, Australia, was told she was adopted she couldn’t believe it. The shelter dog was so excited to have a forever family that she didn’t know what to do with herself.

The seven year old dog had been waiting for a home for quite some time, and at her age chances of getting adopted were few. Potential adopters usually want a puppy or young dog to bond with and take home, and even though adopting older dogs does happen, the process is always longer.

Well, Cosco is no longer waiting. A family came in, fell in love with her and decided to take her home. For her adoption picture it seems as if someone asked her “who got adopted today?” and the dog raised her paws saying “me!”

Congratulations Cosco.

Cosco with her new family. Photo credit: Lort Smith Hospital.
Cosco with her new family. Photo credit: Lort Smith Hospital.

82 thoughts on “Recently Adopted Dog Takes Best “Adoption Photo” Ever

  1. Original owners beat this poor guy! Who in their right mind would want to hurt such a beautiful animal. He’ll NEVER be beaten again. In my home he’s pampered and spoiled rotten!

  2. Grateful thanks to Cosco’s lovely and compassionate Forever Family. Hope you have many happy years and lots of adventures together – thanks again for giving Cosco her chance/

  3. Congratulations to the rescued dog! I have a rescue – going on three months now. Her “family” dropped at a Brooklyn Shelter.

  4. The dogs name is actually Coso. My baby also comes from Lort Smith where Coso was adopted from. They are a wonderful organisation who adopted out 1000 animals and treated 24,000 animals in their hospital during 2015. They also do their absolute best not to put animals down. They work very hard to rehabilitate animals with behavioural issues to find them loving homes.

  5. 변상록 마음이아프다ㅜㅜ좋아하는모습이너무예뻐 새로운가족분들인상이넘좋으시다ㅜㅜ ♡♡♡

  6. how wonderful for all so happy she will have a new happy life bless the family who made their family to and this lucky dog love happy endings.

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