Actor TR Knight Saves an Emaciated Dog from a Freeway and Adopts Him

“We were on our way to the Grand Canyon yesterday, when we saw a little dog darting back and forth on the busy freeway. He was emaciated, covered in ticks and fleas.”






TR Knight, the actor best known for his role as the sweet-tempered Dr. George O’Malley on Grey’s Anatomy, was recently on his way to visit the Grand Canyon when he saw a small, starving dog dodging traffic on a highway.  He was clearly neglected and covered in hundreds of ticks, but now he has a loving home with his hero.

Rather than just pass him by, Knight and his traveling companion stopped and saved the dog from becoming roadkill.  The poor thing had not eaten regularly in ages, if ever at all, and he was being drained of blood from the hundreds of ticks attached to his body.

They named the dog Traveler, and ditched their trip to take him to Canyon Pet Hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Staff members spent hours diligently removing all the ticks.

Knight says Traveler is a sweetheart, despite pooping all over him at the pet store.  Hopefully once he has experienced some love and is healthy, Traveler will be ready to join Knight on that trip to the Grand Canyon.




2 thoughts on “Actor TR Knight Saves an Emaciated Dog from a Freeway and Adopts Him

  1. The Grand Canyon will always be there, but you may only have this one chance to save a starving dog. Excellent choice, thank you!!

  2. That’s awesome ! See there’s a reason for seeing that baby on that day, at that time, bless you for being his forever home.

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