Dog Gets Second Chance After Being Thrown Out Like Trash In A Dumpster

Chance was hungry, matted, sick and clinging to life when rescuers found him in a Florida dumpster. Now he’s nearly ready to find his forever home.


They named the dog Chance, and it’s fitting. The sweet, mixed-breed dog was thrown out like trash in Plant City, a town in Central Florida, left in a dumpster to die.

Today, as he recovers in the care of the SPCA in Lakeland, he’s enjoying the second chance he’s been given.

Chance’s fur was matted when rescuers found him. He’d been eating garbage to stay alive which had caused pancreatitis. His fever was a frightening 107 degrees.

IV antibiotics and the loving care of those at the SPCA saved his life — he’s already on the rebound! Chance has gained a few pounds and shelter staffers say he’ll be ready for adoption in a few weeks.

Those spending time with him say his experience hasn’t at all changed his warm feeling towards people.

“He seems like nothing ever happened and the world loves him and he’s good to go,” one staffer told the local ABC affiliate.

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