Keep calm & carry your Labradoodle!

Our dogs are our children, and sometime we carry them that way!


It’s not uncommon for young children to be a little frightened (and sometimes oddly intrigued) by the mall escalator, but a dog? Well, we admit they must seem freaky to dogs who aren’t acclimated! At least this dog’s owner has no problem giving her Labradoodle the loving support it needs to make the trip!

This pup was straight-up “NOPE!” when it came time to use the lift at a Georgia mall, but found that once ensconced in human companion’s arms (and facing the other way) he’d be able to manage.

Giving her what can only be described as a lanky-limbed dog’s version of a bear hug, he bravely navigated his fears while enjoying some comforting rocking.

Admit it, you’d do this for your dog, too, wouldn’t you? 🙂

1 thought on “Keep calm & carry your Labradoodle!

  1. Which is actually right because a lot of dogs have been victims of escalator accidents. So we really need to carry them when using the elevator.

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