Singer Alanis Morissette “inconsolable” after the loss of her beloved dog, Leelee

The “Ironic” singer’s pup is survived by canine siblings, Boogs and Circus.

Singer Alanis Morissette, 44, whose Grammy-winning 1994 album, Jagged Little Pill, became a musical production this year, is closing out the happy year on a sad note to which each of us can relate.

On Saturday, she announced to followers and fans via social media that her Chihuahua mix, Leelee, had passed away.

“Goodbye angel leelee. our souls are one. inconsolable. my girl. i love you,” the performer wrote on her Instagram account, alongside a photo of her cradling and kissing the small pooch.

Morissette often posts images of her canine family on her accounts, including the below, which appeared on Twitter a couple of weeks ago.

This lovely shot of Morissette and Leelee was posted just 10 hours prior to press time.

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miss you lee.

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Morissette regularly posted sweet photos of Leelee with loving captions on her social media accounts.

Little Leelee is survived by her canine siblings, Boogs and Circus; all three are pictured in these sweet lockets in a tweet from May of this year.


Grief is a very personal journey and for those of us to whom pets are family, can be just as big a loss as when a human we love dies. This means the full acknowledgement of such a loss may take time. For some pet owners, honoring their pet may mean adopting a new dog right away, for others it could take weeks, months, or years. It is important that we respect the ways in which others go through this loss, even if it differs from our own.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, owners in mourning should be kind to themselves as they prepare for the “new normal” of a life without their beloved dog.

“Just as it took time to build the relationship with your pet, it will take time to get used to him or her not being there,” their website reads.

3 thoughts on “Singer Alanis Morissette “inconsolable” after the loss of her beloved dog, Leelee

  1. I recently lost 2 dogs, a 15 year old German shorhaired pointer, and. 10 year old black lab…then I had to have a 16 year old female cat put to sleep….this was in 2016 and even though I still have 3 dogs and a cat I miss them every single day…I realised years ago that you never get over the loss of a pet….never..

    1. I’m sorry about you dogs and cat, I lost my goat this year and I lost my cat about three years ago, even though I lost my goat Jenny I still miss her and I like to think of it as a blessing that I got to learn what it is like owning goats. And now I have a horse, donkey, dog chickens and a dog.

      1. Where do u live with all these wonderful “family members “. I envy u. Just lost my therapy dog but still have my chihuahua & German Shepherd

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