3 Week Old Puppies Found Abused and Left on Railroad Tracks

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Railroad workers in Albany, NY came across three 3-week-old Pit Bull puppies that appeared to have been intentionally nailed to the tracks. The puppies were severely dehydrated and malnourished. The railroad workers brought the puppies to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society where the three puppies received veterinary care.

In addition to being dehydrated and malnourished all three puppies had injuries to their back left paws. “One puppy had a hole through her paw, the other one the two middle digits of her rear left were removed, and a third, his entire left paw has been cut off,” The injuries suggest that the puppies were nailed to the railroad track.

Executive Director Brad Shear of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society said. “When this was happening to the first puppy, I’m sure they were just screaming in horrific pain, and then this person did it again, and then they did it a third time. So anyone who would do that is just an incredibly sick person.”

It is obvious that this is an animal cruelty case, as there is no way the wounds suffered by the three puppies happened naturally. Although they are receiving the needed veterinary care, the puppies are not out of the woods. Unfortunately, the smallest of the three puppies passed away on Tuesday. The two surviving puppies likely will need more surgeries. They are expected to make it, but the one puppy will most likely lose his leg.

Shear is not only worried about the two puppies that are still recovering. He is concerned about the puppies’ mother who only gave birth to them a few weeks ago. Shear also believes that it is very likely there are other puppies from the same litter to be concerned about. It is very rare for a Pit Bull to only have three puppies in a litter, and more likely six or seven puppies were in that litter.

16 thoughts on “3 Week Old Puppies Found Abused and Left on Railroad Tracks”

  1. This is beyond sick. I worry too for the poor mother that had her puppies torn from her but any puppies that she may still have OR WILL have.

    I hope somebody steps forward and turns this sick bastard in.

    I would love to nail him down to a RR track with a particular part of his anatomy.

  2. Missing toes and injuries to feet happen when the mother is birthing and the pups are stuck and the mother pulls them out with her teeth. It happens all the time. If someone nailed those pups to the track, you’d know it.

    • Anonymous, it’s quite obvious that you have not seen very many puppies being born. This definitely DOES NOT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME. That was just a weird statement to make. Makes one wonder what kind of idiot you are!

      Whenever I read stories like this I lose more faith in humanity. Humans are the most cruel species of all.

  3. Oh good grief. Nailed to the tracks!! Where does this idocy, as not other word to describe the allegations, come from ? Did the workers find nails? Did the pup with the hole inhit’s foot have the nail removed prior to it’s removal so the hole would still be intact and the foot not ripped had the pup had the strength to pull it’s foot loose from mysterious missing nail? Where are the nails as evidence? Where is the blood as evidence? Three wk. old pups would NOT have the strength to tear their toes off had they been “nailed” to the rail road tracks? Me thinks this story belongs in the tall tail (play on words) teller’s club. Ayone that believes this looooong tall tail really really needs to find a brain that’s operational.

    • Sorry for some of the misspelling, but you get the drift. THINK about the fact that absolutely NO PROOF of nailing was ever presented as evidence. NOT advocating the abandonment of the pups whatsoever, but the incredulous nailing is what I am commenting about. Why only one foot? Where was the missing foot of the other pup if they had been “nailed” down? Way too many holes in this story to be believable they were “nailed” to the tracks.

  4. Anonymous, I would imagine that there is evidence and that they didn’t simply leap to some outlandish conclusion. The news obviously isn’t revealing every piece of information concerning the case, as is typical when dealing with a criminal investigation. Beyond that, they don’t even mention exactly what circumstances the puppies were found in other than that railroad workers found them.

    If these were injuries inflicted by another animal, that would be obvious and very different from injuries inflicted by a nail. In fact, read the fourth paragraph again. They state in no uncertain terms that “as there is no way the wounds suffered by the three puppies happened naturally”.

  5. Well I wish I would have taken the photo of the pup that was born less than 10 days ago with her leg missing up to her knee. And with chew marks on the front leg as well. After breeding for 20+ years “Monica” I certainly have more direct hands on experience than anyone commenting on this. The person who saw this just don’t know what they are looking at is all. I would suggest you telephone 3 Veterinarians that have been in practice for over 30 years each and see what you come up with and then get back to me with your research. Idiot ? Not here Monica. Experience and level headedness rule the day in my world. Not jumping to conclusions and calling people names and make assumptions or believing everything someone writes.

    • I’m not certain why you’re so quick to assume this was simply a birthing accident, Anonymous. I looked at other news reports concerning it, and each agrees that the conclusions were reached by the investigators and vets that treated the puppies. They stated that these were not natural injuries (such as a bite) and mentioned phrases such as “cleaned sawed off” and evidence of having been nailed to the wooden part of the tracks, including clean holes.

      They also mentioned that it appeared they’d been abandoned approximately two days prior, so a birthing injury again seems unlikely because there’s a world of difference between a 2-day old injury and a 3-week old injury.

    • Regardless of how these pups were injured, it was abuse to take them from their mom and leave them like this. If they were injured intentionally and to me the evidence points to that since 3 puppies were hurt, then I hope they catch whoever did it and take all dogs away from them.
      I am sure that proper investigation will be done in this case as far as possible.
      It is my belief that since thousands of dogs die weekly in shelters that we need far fewer people ‘breeding’ dogs. Dog breeders used to drown puppies or otherwise ‘dispose’ of them. Some still do. There are indeed reputable breeders out there, ones that will always take a dog back and do the required genetic testing, etc., to assure that their pups have the best possible chance in life and there there are the not so reputable ones who only care for money.

  6. Why is Anonymous jumping to defend so much? They most likely just didn’t report it in the story we read. Perhaps the person nailing got to close to the joint of the toe and it came off – this is just a disgustingly sick act, and for someone to defend it makes me wonder what they are capable of also. Disgusting – there are so many other alternatives rather than brutally hurting/killing unwanted animals – stop defending them – you haven’t seen their paws, you don’t know what evidence there is.

  7. Ohhhh- now it all makes sense, here we go folks !! Yup, makes perfect sense now. I bet they collect thousands of dollars over this.

    Mohawk Hudson Humane Society shared a link.
    6 hours ago
    We are collecting donations for both veterinary care for our abused puppies and toward a reward fund for information leading to the arrest and conviction of their abuser. There are instructions on our home page about how to donate to each fund. Thank you everyone for your support.


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