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300 Dogs Seized from Texas Kennel


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300 large breed dogs have been rescued from the Alpha Tex Kennels in Lockney, TX. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office delivered a warrant on Wednesday after kennel owners refused to turn over the dogs.

kennel raid

The Smiths, owners of Alpha Tex, protested as the dogs were hauled away. “I’ve been raising and showing quality German Shepherds for 40 years,” said Sandra. “This is not a puppy mill situation. Yes it outgrew us, it outgrew us in a big way.”

Puppy mill or no, as you’ll see in the following video, conditions were utterly deplorable: floors were caked in feces, flies swarmed the food, bowls were unsanitary – many volunteers had to wear masks because of the thick, putrid air in the kennels

“I can’t believe people could ignore things like that. This is so tough to look at, so tough to see,” said Mary Hatfield with the Humane Society. “It is a monumental job. Thank goodness there are people really dedicated to getting this done.”

The Smith’s will appear in court on October 3rd. The Humane Society is desperately seeking monetary support, and supplies are needed. Visit this link for more information: Humane Society of West Texas.