300 Dogs Seized from Texas Kennel

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300 large breed dogs have been rescued from the Alpha Tex Kennels in Lockney, TX. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office delivered a warrant on Wednesday after kennel owners refused to turn over the dogs.

The Smiths, owners of Alpha Tex, protested as the dogs were hauled away. “I’ve been raising and showing quality German Shepherds for 40 years,” said Sandra. “This is not a puppy mill situation. Yes it outgrew us, it outgrew us in a big way.”

Puppy mill or no, as you’ll see in the following video, conditions were utterly deplorable: floors were caked in feces, flies swarmed the food, bowls were unsanitary – many volunteers had to wear masks because of the thick, putrid air in the kennels

“I can’t believe people could ignore things like that. This is so tough to look at, so tough to see,” said Mary Hatfield with the Humane Society. “It is a monumental job. Thank goodness there are people really dedicated to getting this done.”

The Smith’s will appear in court on October 3rd. The Humane Society is desperately seeking monetary support, and supplies are needed. Visit this link for more information: Humane Society of West Texas.

10 thoughts on “300 Dogs Seized from Texas Kennel”

  1. I can only hope that there is a stong sentence handed down from the court to those horrible people. If the courts would start taking this animal abuse seriously then people would think twice before being so terrible. I wish all the dogs invovled a speedy recovery and I hope that they get great homes.

  2. The breeder’s website frontpage has a long story about what’s going on as well and it still saying they have puppies available. They try to make it sound like they are the victims!

    • I saw that website front page and I hope that the courts are not moved by it. I don’t know what will happen but I sure hope that they don’t get those animals back. The news video footage showed some horrible conditions for those poor animals.

  3. Well – it’s Texas. Just how much in the way of punishment are these puppymillers going to face? I’ll tell you. Exactly zero.

    What I personally would like them to have to face is to live for a week in their own filth as well as the uncleaned kennel filth they forced the dogs to live in, with no clean water, no air conditioning (where instead they are forced to breathe the putrid air) or clean decent food, instead forced subsisting on flyblown grocery store kibble fed in filthy grime-encrused dishes. People like this will never learn and if shut down (assuming there is a judge there who will do that, not darn likely) they will simply move to another county or another state and start all over again.

    Is anyone out there naive enough to believe that Texas and similar southwest and deep south states have strong enough laws to protect animals? No, not on this website – about all of us understand that these states are far more interested in “protecting the small business owner” at all costs, even the very existence of animals. You doubt? Just read the words of legislators, their governor who God forbid might end up our President (!!!) and law enforcement other than the crusading portrait shown on Animal Planet shows which in reality represent less than 1 percnt of animal cruelty enforcement in Texas.

  4. We bought a German Shepherd from Alpha Tex about 2 years ago. Although because of distance they brought the dog to us so we did not see the kennels. I can’t speak for others experience but the Smiths gave us start up food – an expensive quality brand, information on how to care for our pet, & shot papers. We took the dog to our vet – there were no health issues with the pet at all and turned out to be one of the best pets we’ve ever had. The business did get away from them as they said and intervention was justified but I think for quite awhile many families bought good pets from them. Anyone who has a businesss like this should invite inspections or because owners advertise in newspapers etc the state should find a way to check on these kennels themselves so that they don’t get out of hand.

  5. The owners should have been told to clean the mess up within a certain amount of time or else. The Dept of Human Services finds children living in filthy homes all the time and gives the ones responsible for the mess to clean it up or else. Now the Humane Society is “desperately seeking monetary support, and supplies…” If they had left the animals there and given the owners a chance to clean it up the Humane Society would not be in this predicament unless the owners did not comply.

  6. The “Human Society” is the LOCAL humane society and they don’t know what they are doing either! Conditions were bad at the kennel. The HSWT (local Humane Society of Lubbock not Akien) sent one of thier board members to the people and pretended to befriend them. The HSWT helped the sheriff’s office confiscate the dogs.

    This is bad news on several fronts. Now if all of you out of state people would just………..


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