32 Dogs Found in Foreclosed Home, Shelter Requests Assistance

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More than 30 dogs and puppies need new homes after they were found abandoned in a foreclosed Kansas City home.

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption has taken possession of 18 newborn puppies, 14 older dogs and a pregnant dog found in a residence on Southwest Boulevard. The group said the canines had been abandoned for at least a week.

“What we found was a complete travesty for any form of life to be expected to survive in,” said the group in a press release. “Amazingly enough, we have not had any of the animals expire since they have been transported into our care.”

The group is overwhelmed, and is requesting donations of supplies, including dry and wet puppy food, high protein dog food, cleaning products, blankets and paper towels. Vet bills are expected to be massive, so monetary donations are also welcome.

The city does not plan to pursue legal action against the person responsible for abandoning the animals because they were designated as the bank’s property in relinquishment documents.

To donate, visit Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption: locals can drop off supplies at 5918 Broadmoor, Mission, KS 66202.

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  1. Well that is just stupid. The dogs should not be considered the bank’s property. It was still the responsibility of the previous owner to place those dogs somewhere. No wonder there are stories like this. These losers get away with it and will probably do it again. At the very least they should have been hauled in to court and told they could no longer own any animals.

  2. Thank God they were rescued in time. I can’t believe no charges will be pressed against the cruel person who abandoned them.

  3. Certainly neglect at the very least! Laws against cruelty and neglect against animals and punishments are no where near severe enough! 🙁

  4. who leaves their dog behind? I don’t care what the hell your situation is, you make sure he has also found a place…sheeees!


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