4-Year-Old Girl Cries Tears of Happiness As She Reunites With Her Dog Who Had Been Missing for Six Months

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4-Year-Old Leah Evans, and her brother, are over the moon about having their dog, Levi home again.
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One British family was left heartbroken after their beloved pooch went missing six months ago.

This sad tale has a heartwarming ending, as Levi, the 7-year-old American bulldog mix, was found over 120 miles away from the family’s home.

Little Leah Evans, only 4-years-old was delighted to be reunited with her best friend.

After their pup went missing, the Evans family never gave up home. Leah’s aunt, Cheryl Evans, started a Facebook campaign with over 500 subscribers to help find Levi and bring him home.

Volunteers plastered thousands of posters everywhere they could, and offered a £1000 to anyone who found Levi.

Leah and her parents, David and Diane, searched at the local animal sanctuary and spent endless hours in the car driving all over, between cities, trying to find Levi.

The Evans were overjoyed by the amount of support they received during the ordeal.

Good news came for the family when a phone call came in from a woman, named Vicky, who had seen a dog that looked like Levi on a lost dog website. Upon logging on, Diane could hardly believe her eyes.

“When I saw the photo I knew it was him but couldn’t believe he was at a dog kennel in Pembrokeshire,” said Diane.

“He was found by a warden 25 miles from the kennel in Fishguard on Friday but they don’t know how he got there.”

“They had been trying to contact me on an old mobile number stored on his microchip so if Vicky hadn’t got in touch we may never have found him.

“I was crying so much I couldn’t speak when I saw him. Not knowing what had happened to him was unbearable. I’ve had him since he was four weeks-old and never thought I would see him again.

“He has been was well-looked after but hadn’t been walking as his elbows were worn from lying down.”

Diane said Leah was so happy to have Levi home again.

“She cried every morning when he disappeared and would kiss his photo every night and kept his bowl and bed in its place.”

“She hasn’t left his side since we brought him home and my son Max, three is happy to have him back.”