The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/A Bird in the Hand

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Last weekend we entertained an unexpected guest.

I was in my office, working on a new post when my wife called me from our sunroom. Hearing the urgency in her voice I came running, and the moment I stepped across the threshold the source of her consternation greeted me. Buzzing closely near my face as it passed, I could feel a faint breeze on my face from the wings of a confused hummingbird that had found a way into our home. Baffled by the glass surrounding it, the distressed bird was bouncing off the windows in an attempt to find a way to freedom.

I ran for a camera and a dish towel, knowing that if too much time passed, it was possible that our visitor might suffer from shock or injure itself while trying to escape. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to capture the frightened bird it did me a giant favor, landing on a wall and hanging on while it caught its breath.

That was all I needed to make my move, and in seconds I had secured our guest, transferring it from the dish towel to the safety of my closed fist. We walked out to the back porch, prepared to free our feathered friend. I slowly opened my palm and winced, waiting for an explosion of feathers as the avian escapee rocketed from my exposed palm, shooting skyward and leaving his captors far behind.

No such thing happened. Instead, we both watched in amazement as our feathered friend collected itself, repositioning in my palm and squatting down to nestle in a sunbeam. For minutes we just stared at the little marvel as it sunbathed, seemingly unconcerned with our presence.

After more than enough pictures had been taken, a slight nudge was all that was required to bring the little hummer back to its senses. Watching it take flight from the palm of my hand, lighting on a nearby bush before disappearing from view, I wished it well, thankful for our chance meeting, two unrelated species having the chance to relate for a few brief, but thoroughly beautiful moments.

• • •

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55 thoughts on “The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop/A Bird in the Hand”

  1. I had one get in also, but insisted on trying to get out through the ceiling, smacking it’s head repeatedly, nor would it light anywhere to rest. Very sad to watch. It only left once it got to tired to maintain altitude, and drifted out through the open screen door.

  2. Not only was the experience heartwarming, but your writing was eloquent and thoroughly enjoyable to read; you captured the magical moments.

  3. That’s fantastic! Years ago some co-workers brought me a baby hummingbird that had been blown out of his nest one night during a storm and had gotten caught in a water drain grate. He looked like nothing more than a shriveled slug and I think he was barely alive. I put him under a heatlamp (just happened to have a spotlight in the office after we found an old color wheel from a very old aluminum Christmas tree), and he began to dry out and come to. I had him for about 2 or 3 weeks I think, feeding him sugar water mixed with Gerber’s rice cereal every 20 minutes! If I was late feeding him he would start making loud squealy noises. I was lucky that my boss didn’t mind me bringing him to the office very day. I let him practice flying in our bathroom, and he would fly up to the heater vent and let the warm air blow on his face. When it was time to let him go we had quite a crowd in the plaza of the office building.. I opened his little cage right next to the nest he fell out of and where his sibling was still in the nest. To our amazement, he fly straight to the nest and his mother flew at lightening speed from across the courtyard, went right up to him and started feeding him. It was so great to rescue this beautiful little hummingbird and see him thrive and especially be accepted back by his mother. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to hold one in your hand? 🙂

    • That is awesome Carolyn!!! I used to have a chickadee that would eat from my hand, it really is a feeling. One day it came with a broken leg, ate in my hand, looked at me and tweeted and flew away. I cried and never saw it again.


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