A Harvey Nichols Christmas: Adorable…Incendiary?

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The newest holiday commercial from Harvey Nichols is loaded with cute dogs – and they are being billed as the fashionista’s must have accessory. I’ll be the first to admit to sighing and getting a dose of cuteness before realizing that this would also likely be the source of controversy. The dogs are presented as merchandise, and you probably don’t need me to tell you that one of the common expressions used by those in animal rescue is that pets are not fashion accessories.

Considering the recent John Lewis Christmas ad fallout, one would expect advertisers to be overly careful when using dogs in ads. Yet I’m watching my Facebook feed and sure enough, there are already a few postings of this commercial and the comments are mixed, but trending negative. I’ll reserve my opinion for now, but I would love to hear yours.

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22 thoughts on “A Harvey Nichols Christmas: Adorable…Incendiary?”

  1. As much as the Momster jokes around with putting hats on us, we and she all believe that pups are not fashion accessories. The only thing they can be used to accessorize is the heart:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Gee, I wish I could have picked my kids like this. Ok, people with a brain and a heart will see the ad as an ad and will understand the joke. Unfortunately a lot of peeps without brain and heart will go out and feed the ugly face of puppy mills. :-(((

  3. People get with it and stop taking things so seriously…it’s Christmas time, time to be jolly, and sharing laughter, as well as gifts. I thought this was cute and the pups adorable…Thanks for sharing, and everyone have a great, great Holiday!

  4. I think it’s pretty obvious that the dog buyers in this clip are definitely the butt of the joke! Very cute commercial, and it serves the dual purpose of a cute ad and a subtle public poke at the Paris Hiltons of the world. Merry Christmas Nigel!!!

  5. I think it would be funnier if the employees used their KIDS instead of these poor little dogs……after all…..kids come in different colours and styles too, don’t they??? 🙁


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