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A Home for Bear: Gertrude’s Dying Wish


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Just prior to her death a week ago, Gertrude Poole expressed concern – not for herself, mind you – but for her cherished companion, Bear.

Update (10-11-11): Bear has been adopted by a family that has requested anonymity. Thank you so much for your efforts to help find him a home!

Update (11-16-11): Please note that plans for Bear to be adopted have fallen through. An unresolved dispute with the new would-be owner and a landlord with a strict no large breed dog policy has left him stranded again.

Poole told friends her biggest fear was that when she was gone, her dog would think she abandoned him. The 71-year-old passed away at Jersey Shore University Medical Center after battling heart disease, a condition she was diagnosed with at the very young age of 13.

bearShe discussed these concerns with a friend and local trainer, a woman who has asked to be referred to by first name only – Angelina. “Trudie’s wish was for Bear to have a home if she passed away. She loved her dog and he kept her alive and fighting until she just couldn’t anymore,” she said.

We can’t live with the thought of Bear pining away and lonely, and would love to help him find his way to a new home. With that in mind, please read important facts about him below. Yours may not be the right home for him, but should that be the case, please consider sharing his information with friends.

Angelina says 11-year old Bear is in terrific shape for his age. Because he has never shared a home with another dog, single dog homes are strongly preferred. He is not used to being leash walked due to Gertrude’s declining health in recent years.

Bear loves playing ball, and is a big fan of car rides. He loves a little peanut butter before bedtime and is used to having a toy to curl up with.

Bear was adopted from a shelter. He is also a licensed therapy dog.  ♥

“She wanted to be well so she could help other dogs and be there for Bear,” said Angelina in an email to Middletown Patch. “I hope someone can now help her boy live out his life in a home filled with love.”

Know of a possible home for Bear?  Please send inquiries to:  [email protected]