A Mission for Mercy

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In one of the worst cases of animal abuse ever witnessed in the tri-county area, an emaciated pit bull mix found in Ridgeland, MS was saved just hours from death.

Mercy was found earlier this week, and even after a few days at the Briarwood Animal Hospital, the weakened dog is barely able to stand. When she does, the extent of her suffering is painfully obvious.

Animal advocate Chrissy Cheshire operates Cheshire Abbey and works with area animal rescuers. She has made a personal mission of saving a dog that many would have labeled a lost cause.

“It’s really the skinniest dog I’ve ever seen. She was freezing to death. I mean, she would have literally died. She was so cold because she was anemic, anemic from all of the flea bites and so skinny,” said Cheshire.

The man who found Mercy reported her to animal control as a stray. The state of Mississippi has recently added tougher felony animal abuse law to the books, but those involved in this case say they doubt anyone is likely to be charged.

Animal advocates are encouraged by the increased penalties for abuse, but say more still needs to be done to protect pets. “But it doesn’t truly protect the abuse that happens to animals, which this dog is a perfect example of the abuse that is out there. The people that were against it were fearful that it was going to effect livestock, chickens and cows and it doesn’t. It is specifically for dogs and cats,” said Pippa Jackson, Executive Director of Animal Rescue Fund.

Pippa and others plan to attend legislative sessions at the Capitol in January when the legislature reconvenes, with the objective of strengthening Mississippi’s relatively weak animal abuse laws. And while they carry out that mission, a team of devoted caretakers at the Briarwood Animal Hospital will continue their mission to save Mercy. It’s too early to say if she will make it, but if nothing else, the image of Mercy – an unwilling mascot in the war against animal abuse, struggling to rise and fighting to survive – will forever be emblazoned in the memories of those seeking to protect the welfare of Mississippi’s pet population.

12 thoughts on “A Mission for Mercy”

  1. Such a sweet face. It breaks my heart to an animal in this condition. BUT, it warms my heart to know that she is in a safe place getting the love and care she so deserves. Thank you to all of those kind hearted people that are caring for her.

  2. I just dont understand how people can hurt something so innocent. may all animal abusers suffer the same fate in hell.

  3. Thank God this dog is in the care of people who will help and not hurt it. This type of abuse and cruelty is just really beyond me. What kind of people do this?! And these people are just out there roaming around in society…disgusting. I hope this person receives back tenfold what he/she did to this dog!!!

  4. I hope this poor little dog does fully recover. I know that everyone invovled will keep trying. I know that there is a severe punishment waiting for people who do this to innocent animals. I just wish that punishment would happen now. Please keep us posted.

  5. Oh my god how could anyone do this to this poor innocent animal!!!! I hope he recovers and is healthy and finds a great happy and loving home with a great loving,caring family!!!!! Bless those who have helped this poor baby and bless this poor baby, I hope whoever did this gets what they deserve and more!!!!

  6. Bless that poor baby’s heart. I own a pitbull and she is my entire world. I pray for this dog a speedy and full recovery, as it is obvious SOME people still have compassion and love in their hearts for these animals. As for the “former owner”, I hope they suffer the same torment, if not worse, for their actions of HATE towards this poor baby. The news clip had me in tears, wanting to hold my baby (Patience) and never let go.

  7. Sweet innocent, I’m so glad she was found and is being nurtured back to health!
    And let’s not forget, people who can do this to animals MOVE ON to do the same – and worse – to people! We need to catch these abusers early on, before they move on to much, much worse crimes.


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