A Month of Free Food for Adopters

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Did you know that if you adopted a dog in 2010, you could get a month of food covered for free?

In an effort to encourage adoption, Pedigree is offering to feed your adopted dog for a month. Go here for details and click on Download form for free dog food. Note that you must provide proof of adoption, such as common adoption documents, record of immunization documents, donation/payment receipts or an adoption certificate.

If you are considering taking advantage of this offer do not delay: The deadline for submittals is the end of February.

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13 thoughts on “A Month of Free Food for Adopters”

  1. I heard about this. I forwarded it to any and all rescues so they can tell everyone that they adopted a dog to in 2010 to sign up.

    It is things like this that we need more corporations to do. This would help some people to adopt a rescue or shelter animal instead of searching for a breeder.

  2. I wonder if there’s a way to donate the food to a shelter – I don’t feed pedigree but we adopted Bull this year…

  3. Adopted two dogs in 2010. And our much missed old friend did very well on Pedigree canned food in his last few years. So I am glad to receive a bag of food and donate it to a local shelter.

  4. I will be glad to get a free bad of dog food, I had 2 dogs that passed in 2010 and I adopted 3 it will really help in these times.


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