44 thoughts on “A Pit Bull’s Royal Bath”

  1. awe I wish my dog like baths like that. She thinks I am going to murdered her if I put her in the tub. but after she gets out she feels so much better and is happy to be fresh and clean. I however am usually drenched

    • I am sorry but that is hilarious. I mean, at the midpoint when this dog began looking around for an escape route and then perked up his ears I just cracked up laughing. But, he was being soooooo good staying in the water.

      I just know he was thinking “ok humans, I am only going to humor you 2 more minutes and then I am out-of-here!”

  2. We used to have a Cockapoo long time ago. We got Frisky right after we moved in from the local dog pound. She was so adorable and smart.

    One hot summer day, before we air conditioning installed in our home, I decided to fill the tub with water and cool off. The tub didn’t have an overflow drain and I thought I must have forgotten about the it and let it run over when I saw a stream of water heading out the front door of our home. In a panic, I ran for the bathroom to find the tub full of muddy water and only half way filled. I then followed the trail of water out the front door to find Frisky soaking wet and laying out on the front patio.

    Apparently our Cockapoo liked taking a bath more than anyone in our home cause every time we left the tub filling unattended she went in it. After that no one left the bathroom until they had finished their bath.


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