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A Severely Obese Dog Gets Rescued from Backyard

by Fred

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Daisy is estimated to weigh in at about 160-170 pounds according to medical specialists.  She’s been visiting a woman’s back yard for at least five years, and it goes without saying that she didn’t miss too many meals.  Now, the woman that has been feeding her has fallen ill, but thankfully, someone saw Daisy online, and is helping her get back on track.

Amy Beasley has just lost one of her own pack to cancer not long ago.  After some time had passed, she decided that it was time to adopt again, and went online to look for a dog.  That’s when she came across Daisy, and knew she just had to help.  She decided to foster Daisy.

“Of all the dogs I’ve fostered in the last 15 years, I’ve never seen nor certainly had in my home a dog that was this far,” said Beasley to Inside Edition.

Once Beasley got Daisy, she took her to see Dr. Susan Pickle.  Daisy underwent lots of testing, and it was discovered that being overweight was not her only concern.  She had hypothyroidism, and was not very mobile.  They started her on an anti-inflammatory and pain meds to help.

Things were slow going at first.  Daisy barely came out of her crate at all, and wasn’t eating much at all the first few days.  Slowly but surely, she came out of her shell.  Now, she likes to follow family members around the house, and doesn’t seem so gloomy.

“We’re thrilled with her progress,” Beasley said.

Daisy isn’t on a hardcore diet yet, and hasn’t started a full workout regimen yet.  However all of that will be on the way.  For now, Beasley and Dr. Pickle are getting Daisy acclimated to her new surroundings and family.


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