A Video of Little Lucy and the GIANT Toy She Picked Out Herself Is Taking the Internet by Storm

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Little Lucy may not be a very big dog, physically speaking.  However, this little dog is stirring up quite a big storm on the internet, and it’s all thanks to an adorable video shared by her human.  Apparently, Lucy got to pick out her very own toy, and is a big believer in go big, or go home!

“It’s overwhelming to see that a video of a precious little dog can bring so many smiles and laughter for people,” said Lucy’s human, Vickie Sheffer Adkins Fulton.  “I am receiving so many nice comments from people all over the world.  You name a country or state, and we’ve probably heard something from them.  This has been so overwhelming for us.”

This may be the first time that Fulton and Lucy have gone “viral” as some would call it.  However it is not the first time that Lucy got to pick out her own toy.  Yes, she’s a bit spoiled, but what better way could there be to thank a dog for all the amazing things they add to our lives?

“This is not the first shopping trip for Lucy,” said Fulton.  “The more she has shopped the bigger the toy gets and the bigger the toy gets the higher the price!  But her papa didn’t say a word about how much the one she picked out was …… YES …… she is spoiled but a good spoiled.”


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