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A Woof from the Roof


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Ask anyone who knows him and they’ll tell you that Dubi is the undisputed top dog of the neighborhood. Literally.

The quirky Colorado dog is stopping traffic and gaining notoriety for an unusual habit: he prefers to spend his days hanging out on the roof of his family’s house. His owner tried to discourage the habit, but the 3-year-old Lab and Boxer mix wasn’t having it.  “I actually just gave up. So now he just hangs up on the roof,” J.D. Pickett said.

Pickett and his neighbors have grown accustomed to frequent calls and unexpected visitors as a result of Dubi’s antics. “People stop every once in a while and they’ll say, ‘Do you know there’s a dog on that roof?'” Errol Hohrein, a neighbor, said. “I say, ‘Of course. Don’t you have a dog on the roof in your neighborhood?'”

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