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Abandoned Pup and Rescued Cow are Best of Friends

by Adrea

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This isn’t the first time a friendship has formed between calf and canine. In fact, last year, Life With Dogs shared the story Rescued Calf Refuses to Believe He’s Not a Puppy, about a (then) two-year-old Great Dane, Leonidas, and Goliath, the cow. So it doesn’t seem all that out of place that an abandoned puppy, Bernie, and cow, Sri Rama, have become best friends.

The live together at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, who do amazing work with animals of all kinds. Located in Andes Mountains of Colombia in South American, their slogan, Paramatma: Spiritual Equality for all Being, is a way of life. As they share on their website, “Paramatma is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘God in the heart.’ Param: Supreme; Atma: Soul. So the main objective of our animal shelter is to teach the world that God is in the heart of all living beings.”


Thank you to all those who work and volunteer there for the good of animal kind.