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Abandoned Puppy Gets Beautiful Happy Ending

by Fred

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Joy had been found as a puppy, abandoned on a sidewalk.  Fast forward to today, and he has a wonderful life with a loving family from the Netherlands.  This video shows his transformation from a dog nobody wanted, to a revered member of a family and a best friend.


4.16.16 - Joy1


When Joy was found, he weighed only 160 grams, or 5.64 ounces for those of us using the imperial system.  Talk about a tiny little fluff-ball!


4.16.16 - Joy2


Joy’s origin isn’t fully known, and it is assumed that he was either orphaned, or someone had abandoned him in his first day of life.  Either way, it was an uphill battle for him from the get-go.


4.16.16 - Joy3


For the first few weeks he was at the shelter he was brought to, he did A LOT of eating and sleeping. Naturally, he was as adorable as it gets through every second of it!


4.16.16 - Joy4


While at the shelter, he was given a stuffed tiger as a toy.  It remains his favorite toy to this very day.


4.16.16 - Joy5


He really loves that tiger!


4.16.16 - Joy6


As time went on, he got bigger and stronger.  At seven weeks, the fluffy little itsy-bits was simply irresistible.  Soon, he would be ready to start the search for a forever home with a good family.


4.16.16 - Joy7


While at the shelter, it was discovered that Joy was a very friendly dog.  He was no problem at all when it came to being social, and even had a few friends at the shelter.


4.16.16 - Joy8


A family in the Netherlands found out about Joy’s story.  They knew that he would be a perfect addition to their family.  They packed themselves up and set off to see about adopting him.


4.16.16 - Joy9


As luck would have it, they really were the perfect family for him.  They got to bring Joy home, where he resides and an honored member of the family.  He is happy and healthy, and loves his new humans very much.


4.16.16 - Joy10