Abused Dog Smiles and Hopes to Find New Home

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Romeo is a Terrier mix from Chicago looking to find his forever home. The 20 lbs. dog has not had a pleasant start to his life. Someone bound shut his muzzle and left him with permanent scars around his snout, but nevertheless, Romeo is still a happy-go-lucky type of dog. With that silly grin of his, the rescued dog hopes to find a forever human and loving forever home.

If you are interested in adopting Romeo, he is available for adoption with Rain Dog Rescue. Learn more about him and take him home.

87 thoughts on “Abused Dog Smiles and Hopes to Find New Home”

  1. He is just too adorable. I already have 3 dogs. I hope Romeo finds a great home. I wish I could take him but we are at capacity. I love the underbite, that is just precious.


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