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Accusations of Neglect at Niagara County SPCA


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Current and former employees of the Niagara County SPCA say the facility is guilty of neglecting animals, and euthanizing adoptable pets en masse.

An anonymous source employed by the shelter says that more than 475 cats and 100 dogs were put down in the last quarter of 2011 – and that many of them were perfect candidates for adoption.

Board member Kathy Paradowski said she is troubled by the fact that the shelter euthanizes animals before owners have an opportunity to claim them.

spca“God forbid that your animal gets loose and gets picked up by the shelter. If you don’t get there in enough time … and your dog will have already been euthanized,” she said.

Former volunteer Lisa Liddle told WKBW that she left her job at the shelter after witnessing cases of neglect: she said animals in need of medical attention were left to fend for themselves, and that the spread of infection was a common issue.

“I like to think that I live in a more humane society than the county I’m living in right now. Breaks my heart to say that I live in a county where if your dog gets out – your dog is probably dead,” Liddle said.

Both women say the facility’s executive director, John Faso, is guilty of mismanaging the shelter.  Lockport mayor Mike Tucker said at this point, he’s considering suspending the city’s contract in light of the allegations. In the meantime, the board is opening an investigation to address the matter.

WKBW reached out to Faso several times, but he offered no comment.