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Adoptable! Allie is a champion cuddler, napper and herder who loves her walks.

by Amy Drew

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This smiling girl is Allie! Folks at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa estimate her age to be about 12. She’s a cuddly pupper, one who needs to be the only spoiled princess in the house. Here’s a little more about her….

Abby’s caretakers say she loves walk and is great on the leash. She’s a champion cuddler and napper!

BIG FAN OF: Napping on soft things.

NOT A FAN OF: Sharing her living space with other dogs. She needs to be the only dog in her home right now. Children are also way too much for her, so she needs an adults-only home. Adopters will speak with a member of our behavior team about Allie’s history.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Allie is a couch potato who enjoys relaxing and spending time with her people. She does well on a leash and loves walks! She went on a Dog’s Day Out field trip recently, and here’s what the volunteers had to say about her: “Even though Allie is 12, she has a young soul. She was so excited to get in the car with us, and she loved going on walks through our college campus and meeting new people. We took her out to get lunch with us and people all loved how soft she is. We also learned that she likes to herd people, she would circle around behind us and look back for us while we were walking. After our walks we went up and laid down and she was super snuggly.”

OTHER REASONS SHE’S SPECIAL: Tests indicate Allie is in kidney failure. She will need a special diet and may also need additional diagnostics or medications. Thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, Allie has gotten all the special care she needs while with ARL. Kidney failure is a progressive disease and will worsen over time. Many animals can have good quality of life for years with proper therapy, though it is impossible to predict how the disease will progress. Allie also has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia with severe arthritis in both hips and her lower spine. This can lead to lameness or difficulty walking as the dog ages. Allie will need regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone and may require pain medications. Please consult your regular veterinarian about these conditions prior to adoption.

DREAM HOME: A calm, quiet home with plenty of soft spots to relax. She will be happiest with patient people who will give her time to settle in to her new home.

The ARL’s shelter software requires that we choose a primary breed for our dogs. Visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable, so for most dogs we are only guessing at primary breed. We get to know each dog as an individual and do our best to describe each of our dogs based on personality, not breed label.

Approximate Age: 12
Breed (if known): Lab mix
Approximate Weight: 55lbs
Sex: Female
Home Preferences: Adults Only
Adoption Fee: $60.00
Adopt out of area?: Yes