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ADOPTABLE! Mojo Recently Lost His Owner; Now He’s Learning To Love Again

by Amy Drew

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mojo combo
This 9-year-old rat terrier is on the hunt for a new forever family.

This little cutie is Mojo!

He’s a 9-year-old rat terrier — and he’s been through some major life changes recently.

He came in to rescue after his owner unexpectedly passed away, leaving him and his brother alone in the home. Thankfully, Tyson’s Place Animal Rescue in Jamestown, MI, brought both pups to a foster home. This rescue’s mission is extra-special; staffers here assist terminally ill people with finding new families for their dogs.

Mojo shows some signs of neglect from his previous home, and his experienced foster family is helping him learn that people are good and to trust once again.

Medically, Mojo is getting transformed, thanks to a grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization. He was neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and had complete bloodwork done. He is about to get a dental cleaning to address some rotten teeth. As he gets more comfortable, and as his medical issues are taken care of, folks are beginning to see his true personality!

Mojo 3
Mojo, sleeping sunny-side up! What a cutie!


He is snuggly guy who loves burrowing under blankets, sitting on your lap, and having his belly rubbed. He also loves going on walks, which is helping him shed some extra pounds! At 9 years old, he is middle-aged but still full of energy — wanting to play and excited when he sees the leash, eager to go on a walk!

He is a sweet boy who is learning to love. He would do best as the only dog in the home as he doesn’t like to share his people and enjoys being the center of attention.

That said, he does okay with other dogs while out and about and currently lives with other dogs. Like many terriers, he thinks cats are super fun to chase … so he would do best in a home without them.

Because of his past neglect issues, Mojo needs an experienced owner who understands that he needs time to learn to trust. Tyson’s Place will be with his adopter every step of the way, even offering behavioral training free of charge!

They want to set Mojo up for success with his new family!

Interested? Email [email protected] for more information.