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Adoptable Senior Skippy Wants To Be Your Lap Dog For Life!

by Amy Drew

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Sweet senior Skippy has sadly been in-residence with the Connecticut Humane Society for nearly a year awaiting a forever home.

That’s WAAAAAY too long in our opinion and we want to help him find a family to love!

Skippy has undergone a few medical treatments during his stay, which means the medical and animal care teams — along with the volunteers — have had a lot of time to get to know him; he has since become one of their favorites.

When Skippy arrived, he was diagnosed with patellar luxation (a fancy medical term for “bum knee”). Thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, he’s had surgery, laser therapy — check out how handsome he looks in his protective goggles! — and glucosamine supplements, all of which have done wonders for his mobility, function and comfort.

Looking too cool for school in his protective eyewear! Photo: Connecticut Humane Society Newington

Skippy’s new family will have to keep an eye on his knee, ensure he maintains a healthy weight and understand his exercise limitations, but at 7 or 8 years old, he has so much life and love left in him and will be one lucky family’s lap dog for life!

Are you interested in giving this handsome Chihuahua mix a forever home? Visit the Connecticut Humane Society’s Newington Pet Wellness and Adoption Center to learn more and see if Skippy is a good match. Full information on CHS’ adoption process and hours of operation are available at