Dog Saves Rescuer from Fire: 200 Animals Displaced

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kempA Florida woman dedicated to saving animals has been rescued from a house fire by one of her dogs. Pasco County Fire & EMS officials say the home is a loss, and now 200 animals are homeless in the wake of the blaze.

The fire started around 4 am Saturday and spread quickly. “The flames were shooting from the roof,” neighbor Marcia Gilbert said.

Tammy Kemp was sound asleep when the fire broke out, and she was saved by a persistent dog who alerted her to the spreading flames. She and the 200 animals she cares for were able to escape unharmed. Local rescues are scrambling to find homes for them.

“We got out here and tried to get it organized to get as many animals to safety to be cared for,” Lynda Barhorst, of Sky Harbor, said, “while she’s going through what she’s going through.”

Barhorst said Kemp is in total shock.

“She’s very distraught. She’s going to need a lot of help in the coming days. If somebody can come out here and help her with the animals that would be great,” Barhorst said. “She’s lost everything. She doesn’t even have her clothing.

“We will take care of the animals as long as she needs them,” Barhorst said.