Adopted One-Eyed Wonder Dog Protects Google Data Center

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One might assume that Google uses some fairly high-tech security methods to protect their critical data centers, and that assumption is partially correct. But you may be surprised to learn that in addition to firewalls and virus scanners, Google also relies on a four-legged security expert to protect your critical data.

Miss G, a one-eyed dog adopted by the Google data center team after they found her injured on the property a few years ago, has been ‘hired’ to hold down the fort.

55 thoughts on “Adopted One-Eyed Wonder Dog Protects Google Data Center”

  1. Thank you for watching over our data Ms. G – sure appreciate it, and the folks who are making sure you are happy to do it!

  2. i watched the video, and while this is a heartwarming story and a good ending for “Ms. G”, I was a bit disturbed by her being lead by a rope around her neck.
    she needs a harness that won’t ‘choke’ her, hooked to a leash….enough with the rope. perhaps google can afford to purchase a harness and leash, approx. $10 – $12. seeing as they don’t have to pay her a salary, for all she does to protect their data.


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