After Many Attempts, Ohio Humane Society FINALLY Rescues 34 Havanese Dog

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More than 34 Havanese dogs that were the subject of many rescue attempts in Toledo, Ohio have finally been rescued from the home where they were living in.  Mike Keyser and Kimberly Martin handed over the dogs this morning after animal control and police officers made several attempts to follow up on complaints.

According to the Toledo Area Humane Society President Stephen Heaven said that Martin is the one living at the property in question and that she is in very poor health.  He said that her medical condition made her unable to properly take care of the dogs, and they were left in a state of neglect because of it.


“It was a case of he was having difficulty taking care of the dogs because the woman in the house was ill and it was just getting too much for him,” says Heaven.  “They all smell very bad, they’re all covered in feces and urine.  And the matting, you can see the oldest one is really, really badly matted.”

It is estimated that they must have started out with just a few dogs, and possibly began breeding from there.  Heaven says that the physical and medical issues that the dogs are suffering through won’t be too difficult to solve.  The problem is going to come from trying to help with behavioral issues.


The Toledo Humane Society will spend the next few days or so getting them cleaned up and feeling more comfortable.  Then the process of evaluating each dog rescued individually will begin, where it will be decided what dogs will be available right away and what ones will need some more work before they can be rehomed.

If you can afford to, please consider giving a donation to the Toledo Area Humane Society to help out with the care of these dogs, you can click here for more information.


9 thoughts on “After Many Attempts, Ohio Humane Society FINALLY Rescues 34 Havanese Dog”

  1. This was theft by who ever removed the animals. These dogs were the woman’s personnel tangible property. You can not commit a crime to your property. The woman should be paid what her dogs are worth. Other wise it is theft.

    • Well George, then you better take care of these dogs. Start with getting the feces and urine out of their fur. Feeding them. Having a vet take care of them. Treating them decent for crying out loud. You REALLY give a damn about their little lives. You see money. Hey, there is no money. The best they can hope for is a loving home they deserve after all they went through. What kind of person are you Karma. Blessings to all the great people who care. and give their time to rescue them.

    • What started as a breeding operation probably morphed into hoarding when the owner became ill, & couldn’t keep up with the dogs’ care. BTW, it isn’t theft if the dogs are being neglected to the point where they are defecating all over each other & not being groomed, which could compromise their health. No buyer would ever complete a transaction upon showing up & seeing the state of these animals. So, theft isn’t an issue. Animal neglect is real, and a crime. If you can’t care for your pets, have them FIXED so they don’t continue to breed.

  2. It is so sad to see people that dont take care of their animals i HAVE RESCUED 7 I lost 2 last year both from cancer within 2 months apart, they were both rescued from puppy mill in Santa Ana, they didnt want them and they dumped them at our manufacturing company. I took them home and kept them for 8 years. I now have two rescued from last December in very bad shape when I got them, now their happy, they are groomed, and they eat good and have vitamins. I also rescued a shisu cavlaier spaniel mix, 2003, she was a clep lip, soft palolet, a liver shunt and seisures, not expected to ive a year, she will be 16 in December. I got her at 3 weeks old. Another rescue Princes she was on the kill list at the pound, she is the sweetest dog now, follows me every where, she hates men, but is good with kids and women. She is a maltese poodle, but had her now for about 4 years – she has developed fluid around her lungs, I keep her on meds, good food and lots of love Then tinsey found in a trash can, she is now about 6 ears old and has developed a heart problem more expense with medical and special care she needs to be loved and huged all the time. THEIR ALL MY BABIES, If I could would take in more, but this is quiet enough with the expense food, medical and I pay for it all because they are my babies. WHY DONT PEOPLE TAKE CARE OF THEIR BABIES All m dogs are fixed, shots, chips – and a big yard with fencing all around. VERY SECURE.
    Doesnt take much but you need to be aware of them all the time to protect them as if they were your child, because that is what they are children.

  3. Can’t even imagine what sort of husband, parent, George would make. He should be forced to work in an animal shelter for awhile to see the condition some of those animals are in when they are rescued. No. He doesn’t have the heart for anything but himself.


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