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After Two and a Half Years, Lost Dog is Found 1300 miles Away


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nammeIn 2010 Beth Cole’s Bichon Namme went missing when a gate was left open at her home in Colorado Springs. Just last week someone saw a stray dog walking the streets in Ionia, Michigan and alerted a police officer who took the stray to the Ionia County Animal Shelter. The shelter scanned the dirty, underweight stray for a microchip and Beth Cole’s contact information came up.

Cole had moved in the 2 ½ years since Namme went missing, but still had the same phone number. She was more than shocked to have a voice mail on her phone from Animal Control Officer Gordon Douglas. “I about dropped the phone,” Cole said. “I was like ‘No way! No way!’” She quickly called Douglas back, in shock that Namme was still alive after missing for so long. Coincidently Cole’s sister lives in Michigan only about 45 minutes away from the shelter where Namme was identified. The sisters agreed to meet in Roscoe, Illinois this past weekend where the family was gathering for a wedding.

The reunion between Namme and Cole was full of tears, hugs and licks. Cole exclaimed, “I wasn’t this excited on my wedding day.” Namme was excited too, twirling around and running to all the members of the family getting reacquainted. No one knows what Namme has been up to for the past 2 ½ years or how she got from Colorado all the way to Michigan. Cole is happy to have her home again saying, “It’s like she never left. God was definitely looking out for her.”