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Ailsa Is the Perfect Little Lady You’ve Been Waiting to Adopt and Bring Home

by Fred

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5.22.17 Ailsa1


Hey there, Life With Dogs readers!  We hope the day finds you well, and we have another LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day for your consideration.  Her name is Ailsa, and she comes to us from our friends at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  She’s one of the best behaved dogs they’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and they know she’ll make an excellent addition to anyone’s family.

Ailsa is a very friendly dog, and she’s even crate-trained.  She’s fully up to date on her shots, and is spayed as well.  She’s got all the basic commands down, but don’t think that just because she’s sever years old she can’t learn more.  She’s a very, very smart dog.  Anyone with the patients might just be able to train her further, and who knows what kind of fun things she could do?!

As mentioned, she’s a very friendly dog who gets along with pretty much any human, and she’s even good with other dogs.  The shelter did mention that Ailsa would probably do best in a home that DOES NOT have any cats.  The shelter also mentioned that Ailsa IS NOT a chewer, so coming home from work one day to find one is missing the better part of their couch or shoe collection has been shredded to ribbons.


5.22.17 Ailsa2


Ailsa is also described by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC as an independent girl.  She’s always happy to interact with her favorite humans, and loves to meet new people.  However, she’s totally fine entertaining herself when it’s necessary.  As long as she has a toy, she’s good to go.

Ailsa is a special needs dog.  She has diabetes, however it is well under control through the use of a daily medication.  Anyone wanting to adopt Ailsa will have to administer an insulin shot twice a day.  Regardless, she takes her medication very well, and is used to the routine.  The shelter again mentions just how well behaved for them she always seems to be, even at shot time.

If you would like to see Ailsa’s bio page, click here.  If you’d like to see the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC main page click here, or to see their Facebook page click here.