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Albany Cop Busts Puppy Abuser


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An Albany police officer arrested a 22-year-old area resident after witnessing the man swinging a 9-week-old puppy around by its leash.

Officer William Pierce said he saw Patrick Gray swing the pit bull mix puppy at least 10 feet in the air several times before letting it drop to the sidewalk on its head.

After arresting Gray, police said Pierce examined the shaken dog, named Roscoe. Roscoe was vomiting and had sustained an injury to his right leg, so Pierce had Animal Control take him to Central Vet for a proper exam.

Roscoe is expected to make a full recovery in the care of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society in Menands, but he won’t be up for adoption any time soon: when he recovers, he’ll be going home with Officer Adam Brace. Brace was wrapping up a shift at the Center Station when Roscoe was first brought in. After a brief play session the two hit it off, and Brace decided that Roscoe deserved the safety of a loving home after his unfortunate ordeal.

Gray was arraigned at Albany City Court Friday morning and was charged with torturing an animal.