All I Want For Christmas….

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Material has never been my style; with that in mind, all I really want for Christmas is a home for Frosty.

This endearing goofy three year old lab/dalmatian mix has never experienced anything remotely resembling a real home. Rescued from a horrible hoarding situation as a pup, Frosty has been in rescue all his life. I chose to write about Frosty for multiple reasons. He has: won my heart, overcome illness and shown remarkable resilience. His is a face and spirit to fall in love with.

Frosty entered my life via Kate Hungerford, an outstanding volunteer trainer for the Georgetown DE SPCA. Kate recently received the Delaware Governors Award for her outstanding dedication in the field of canine rescue. Knowing she would have decreased time for Frosty this month Kate went out of her way to ensure that his education and training would continue.

Kate choosing myself as her substitute trainer for the month is surely an honor.  Pictures and training news are posted  daily on my Facebook page. This dog has a fan club; Friends of Frosty are cheering him on from Georgetown DE. Frosty absolutely is cherished and to write about this soft deserving fellow is the least I can do.

Really striking to me is the resilience of this dog, and his willingness to befriend and trust strange humans. Not every dog from such a deprived background is able to recover. Frosty is going to be one of the lucky ones, especially lucky to have found such a champion in his friend Kate. Were we not full up with our own three labs, Frosty would be adopted in about a heartbeat.

Frosty has impressively learned a multitude of behaviors. Cats are of interest but he is a gentleman and not inclined to give chase. Frosty is not reactive to other dogs on leash while a comfortable distance away, but is uncertain about closer encounters. A lifetime of a noisy shelter environment certainly does not help.

One of my priorities is to introduce Frosty to as many strangers as possible. He has met my husband, all the kennel staff and a student I am mentoring. Some road trips to hang out in our fenced yard and spend time in the house are on the horizon. Given his background, this boy is a survivor. All I want for Christmas is a home for this deserving dog.

Hearfelt blessings to Kate Hungerford and all those who similarily dedicate themselves to the underdogs of the world.

Until next time, Leslie Fisher: CPDT-KA, Pat Miller Certified Trainer

“your pet positively trained” Rainwood Kennels, Elkton MD

4 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas….”

  1. Such a HANDSOME boy I so wish I was allowed to have a dog where I live, Unfortunetly Landlord will not allow. But if I coudl I would love to take this one in a heartbeat he is so cute!!!! I so wish I was allowed a dog IT REALLY SUCKS that I am not allowed one 🙁 I hope this Handosme boy finds one really soon Who coudl resist such a cute face like that if anyone did they have no heart!! GOOD Luck Handsome will be thinking of you.

  2. Ok, as I sit here with tears streaming down my face, I thank you Leslie. For working with Frosty, for allowing him a space in your heart & for putting it out there, he needs a home. He came from a horrible situation with trash, dead pigs & goats about 2 feet deep in the room he was kept in. He had no fur whatsoever on his body & was covered with horrible blisters. The other dog living with him was so ill, he had to be euthanized. No one could get near him; he was walked on a catch pole. But the staff at the Delaware SPCA saw something special about Frosty, nursed him back to health & kept working with him, until one day he would allow them to pet him. I’ve had the privilege of working with this handsome boy for about a year-smart as they come. Catches on with a few C/T’s. He is a VERY LOVING dog once he gets to know the pe…rson. Given his past history, I don’t blame him for not trusting people he doesn’t know.
    I’m right there with you-all I want for Frosty is a wonderful, loving, kind furever home for my boy. Again, the tears. I want him to have the life he deserves & yet I will miss him like crazy. I would scoop him up in a minute, but with 6 dogs already, it just isn’t in the cards. All I ask to whomever adopts him, PLEASE let me have visiting privileges. Frosty has been a part of my life 5 days a week for a year, he was my “job & my love”-he has and will always have a piece of my heart-a BIG piece.
    Again, thank you Leslie for all you are doing to help Frosty.


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