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An Unlikely Pair of Abandoned Dogs Find Their Forever Home


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Samson, a German Shepherd, and Delilah, a tiny Shih Tzu, were found abandoned in an Arizona park.

Life has taken a turn for the better for two abandoned pups, as they are adopted into their forever home.

As Robyn Miller took her dogs out for a walk in Chandler, Arizona, she spotted two more dogs. One of the two was tied to a table, the other, who had escaped his tie, was laying loyally by his friend’s side.

When approaching the dogs, Miller says they were friendly and sociable. Neither had tags or microchips.

“How anyone could look at these dogs and just abandon them, I can’t understand,” Miller said.

Miller took the two pups home where she got them cleaned up and check out by a veterinarian. She named the two dogs Samson, a large male German Shepherd, and Delilah, a tiny Shih Tzu. Both appeared to be around 5 to 7 years old.

Miller continues to be outraged that someone would leave the two pups, “They’re such good dogs,” Miller said. “I could see if they were erratic or aggressive or hyper, any of those negatives qualities that are in every pet owner’s history, but they’re not. They’re just good relaxed dogs.”

Despite having a heart for the dogs, Miller knew she could not keep them, as she already had two older dogs of her own and an elderly cat.

While trying to find a home for the dogs, many people wondered about the odd pair. Though they seem like polar opposites, it was clear Samson and Delilah had a strong bond. Finding a home for the two would be tricky, given that they could not be separated.

“I think that might be frightening people way, that they are so opposite,” Miller said. “People ask, ‘Why do they have to say together? they don’t belong together.’ You can’t tell them that. He looks out for her like a big brother.”

Kathy Klamka, and her husband Paul, understood the bond between the two.

After seeing the two dogs in the newspaper, Klamka knew they needed to come home with her.

“When I saw that story in the paper, I called about them,” Kathy Klamka said. “I was thinking somebody else had probably already got them, but I called anyway. They looked like they belonged with us.”

The Klamka family is used to having big dogs around. Earlier this year, their 14-year-old Shepherd Roxie had passed away.

Kathy Klamka and her husband Paul are overjoyed to have Samson and Delilah as a part of their family.

Klamka explains she was hesitant at first to adopt a fully grown large dog – that was until she met Samson in person.

“I thought I would be afraid,” Klamka said. “But this is the nicest dog, even though he’s big. I don’t have any fears.”

Still mourning the death of their Roxy, Klamka wasn’t sure they would be ready for a new pet so soon. However, the story of Samson and Delilah touched their hearts. As soon as Klamka and her husband met Samson and Delilah for the first time, they knew the dogs belonged with them.

“Dogs learn pretty quickly, ‘These are my owners, I love them. They love me,’ ” Klamka said. “They’re loving dogs.”