Angel May Have Lost Her Battle, But Rebecca Corry Will Keep on Fighting

by Melanie

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4.20.16 - Rebecca Corry & Angel1


Many of you may be familiar with Rebecca Corry:  she’s a comedian and renowned pit bull activist who has lobbied Washington to see BSL repealed, and has always had her rescue pit bull, Angel, by her side.  Sadly, Angel recently succumbed to cancer, but because of Corry, the rest of her life was amazing, and this woman will keep on fighting to make sure other pit bulls have the same opportunities.

“Angel was tortured and mutilated for 5 years before I got the pleasure of knowing her. Someone dumped battery acid on her back, cut her ears off with scissors, broke her tail and used her as a breeder and a bait dog,” she explained on her website.

“When I got her she was broken. Her spirit, gone. She barely walked with her head upright and would pee at the sound of me opening a drawer. Yet…somehow she loves so deeply and unconditionally. A love I believe is so much bigger than us or something we could understand, it’s our duty to learn from it.”


4.20.16 - Rebecca Corry & Angel2


So Corry has been working fiercely to be the voice of pit bulls everywhere.  She created the Stand Up for Pits Foundation and organized the Million Pibble March on Washington, where thousands of people gathered to show their love for the discriminated breed.

Angel has been with her throughout, acting as the movement’s mascot, and eagerly participating in the kissing booths at the events Corry holds.  She has shown the world that despite her horrific and agonizing abuse, she is still a loving dog who has earned the nickname “Velvet Hippo.”


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But earlier this month Corry posted:  “After a long hard battle with cancer, my Angel has passed peacefully. May she rest in peace and continue to inspire us today and always to be the voice of the voiceless. Celebrate her beautiful life by saving one just like her. There are millions of Angels among us.”

She will continue waging the war against abuse and breed specific legislation that keeps thousands of marvelous animals from being loved by responsible families.  And when she is ready, Corry will undoubtedly fill the void in her heart with another baby in need of saving.

Corry and other fellow comedians will be performing at three Stand Up for Pits events in May.  The ones in New York City and Arlington are already sold out, but there are still tickets available for the May 15th event in Baltimore.  There will be a pebble adoption, a kissing booth, a donation drive, and a silent auction.


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Even if you can’t attend, they would love to see your support.  To do so, please click here.


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