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Animal Lovers Rush to Save Puppy Found Missing Front Leg

by Katherine

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Warning: graphic image below.

Over the weekend, animal rescue volunteers in Houston, were checking areas for abandoned dogs in need when they came across a small family of four left to their own fate in an empty house. Three of the four dogs (mom, dad and a male puppy) were in good health, but the second male puppy, now named Basil, was clinging to life. His front, right leg was missing, and he was suffering excruciating pain.

“Basil was a victim of a horrendous human attack,” said Adopt A Rescued Friend, Inc (AARF). “Someone viciously cut off part of this baby’s leg.”

When rescuers found the puppy, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Basil’s front limb was completely exposed. His skin was tore open and his muscle flesh from the knee up was visible. He was rushed to Abbotts Animal Hospital where veterinarians put him on pain medications, IV fluids and antibiotics to stabilize him.

Photo Credit: AARF
Photo Credit: AARF

Veterinarians determined that the only way to save the puppy’s life was to perform emergency surgery. Because the young dog was in shock and he had lost a lot of blood, doctors tried to stabilize him before doing the surgery. The reminder of Basil’s limb needs to be amputated and the wound properly closed.

Experts believe the injury Basil endured was purposely inflicted by his previews owners.

AARF Houston is asking the community to help pay for the puppy’s surgery.  A PetCaring donation page was started and so far more that $4,000 has been raised. The estimated costs for the surgery and rehabilitation are expected to exceed $5,000.

If you would like to donate towards Basil’s care, you can make a donation here or directly at Abbotts Animal Hospital. You can call (281)893-5000 or send a check to P.O. Box 62736 Houston, Tx 77205.

Basil’s surgery is scheduled for today.