Animal Lovers Rush to Save Puppy Trapped in Storm Drain

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No one knows how a puppy from High Point, North Carolina, got trapped in a storm drain outside a home located in Burton Avenue and Dorothy Street, but thanks to the home owner, rescuers from Ruff Love Rescue, and dozens of Facebook users, the puppy was successfully rescued.

Meadow getting rescued. Photo Credit: Ruff Love Rescue.
Meadow getting rescued. Photo Credit: Ruff Love Rescue.


The dog spent the majority of today trapped in the storm drain (from 10:30 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.), he was scared and unresponsive, but thanks to hero rescuers, the young dog was secured with a long catch pole and pulled out of the drain.

Local police and firefighters were contacted to assist in the rescue, but they were unable to respond. When Ruff Love Rescue learned about the trapped dog, they immediately headed to the location to see what they could do to help.

The home owner was so worried about the young dog, that he was willing to dig through the culvert to save the dog, fortunately no digging was necessary.

“We are still trying to save this puppy stuck in the ditch,” posted Ruff Love Rescue this afternoon on their Facebook wall. “We don’t know if the puppy has been hit by a car but he is alive and crying. Fire dept. and police can’t help. Does anyone have suggestions?”

Immediately dozens of their fans started posting suggestions on how to help rescue this dog, and in a few hours, the dog now named Meadow, was out of the drain.

Meadow after getting rescued. Photo Credit: Ruff Love Rescue.
Meadow after getting rescued. Photo Credit: Ruff Love Rescue.


“Puppy in the ditch is safe! After four hours, multiple volunteers, and the owner of the property being amazingly helpful this little guy is safe in his crate. He will be rushed to the vet to see what injuries he has as he seems pretty unresponsive and terrified of this point.”

We don’t know yet if the puppy has any serious injuries, but we are happy to report that thanks to many animal lovers who came together, the puppy is safe and is receiving medical care.

If you would like to help Meadow visit Ruff Love Rescue’s website or Facebook page to learn how you can help.