Animal Lovers Save Elderly Dog Abandoned in Woods

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A 13-year-old, deaf and blind Beagle mix dog gave her best years to her former family, but right before Christmas, her previous owners decided they had enough of the pet. The dog was tossed into the Thetford Forest in Suffolk, England, to live the rest of her life – if she could survive on her own. Thankfully, the senior dog was found and taken to a shelter.

Photo credit: SWNS
Photo credit: SWNS

The dog has been named Ivy. She had no collar or microchip and rescuers hoped the dog in the woods had been left there by accident. However, after placing Ivy on a seven-day hold, giving her owners a chance to come claim her, and after running a massive social media campaign to get the pooch back to her original home, animal rescuers learned the sad truth. No one wanted Ivy, and whoever threw her into the wood did it on purpose.

Kelly Smith, assistant manager for Dogs Trust Snetterton rehoming center told The Mirror that “the fact [Ivy] wasn’t wearing a collar or microchip and didn’t get claimed, leads [them] to believe that she was no longer wanted by her owners and dumped in a local forest without any thought of how this elderly dog would cope.”

Photo credit: SWNS
Photo credit: SWNS

No one knows how long Ivy was alone in the woods, but she was found in bad health. It is uncertain if she was tossed under those conditions or if her health worsen once she had to fend for herself. What’s for sure is that the elderly dog is being nursed back to heal by Dogs Trust Snetterton rehoming center, and they hope to place Ivy in a foster home while a forever retirement home is found. There, she will spend the rest of her days (if not years) surrounded by love.

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  1. What a pathetic human being. How are you going to keep a dog for 13 years and just abandon it when it gets old like that? The owners have no soul.


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