Animal Lovers Set out to Help Dogs Abandoned during Mexico’s Recent Floods

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In Acapulco, Mexico, there are thousands of abandoned dogs roaming the streets looking for food, water, their humans and homes. Many of the refugee centers set up by the government and local organizations did not welcome pets, therefore people abandoned their animals on the streets or simply left them behind in their destroyed homes. Now animal rescue organizations are pulling together to save all those unwanted pets, but help is still needed.

Private organizations have made it their mission to take to the streets and rescue the thousands of animals in need left behind. They are working together to collect pet food and distribute it on the streets to any pet or pet owner in need of food.

Abandoned dog scavenging for food.
Abandoned dog scavenging for food.


The massive floods occurred two weeks ago, and now that water levels have receded, the abandoned animals have come out to scavenge the destruction in search of food and help.

The Department of Health in Acapulco estimates there are 30,000 stray dogs in the city and 70% of them were abandoned during this past flood.

Veterinarian Alfredo V. Bonfil, walks the streets of Acapulco with dog food to feed those animals in need. According to a recent interview he gave to El Universal, Bonfil encountered 20-30 dead dogs on his last feeding route.

“There are tons of dogs on the streets looking for their owners,” said Bonfil. “Those are the dogs that we are trying to rescue and place for adoption. During the flood it was just logical to help the humans and abandon the dogs.”

Many veterinarians are now offering their services for free. They help any abandoned pet that is taken to their clinics.

Another veterinarian, Luis Alberto Cahua Lopez, said the Mexican government sees animals as something that can be replaced, not as living beings that need to be helped.

For now animal welfare organization distribute pet food and try to rescue as many animals as they can. On a daily basis they deliver pet food to animal shelters and feed all animals they encounter on the streets.

If you are interested in helping Mexico’s abandoned pets, contact the rescue organization Patitas Felices on Facebook.