Animal Rescue Corps Saves 16 Negelcted Mastiffs from AZ Property

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Safford, AZ – Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) worked with the Graham County Sheriff’s Department to rescue sixteen animals from a property in Safford Arizona where they had been left alone in abhorrent conditions.

Responding to a tip from a concerned citizen about the condition of the animals, Animal Rescue Corps’ State Liaison, Monica Orta Ailey, contacted the Graham County Sheriff’s Department about the property. The Sheriff’s Department and ARC’s President Scotlund Haisley visited the property where the animals were found to be living in dilapidated, unsafe structures; with inadequate water and shade provided.

The property owner cooperated, and surrendered fifteen dogs and one rabbit to Animal Rescue Corps. In conjunction with Graham County Animal Control, ARC removed the animals from the property and is providing temporary shelter at the Graham County Fairgrounds where they await placement with ARC’s placement partners throughout the region.

ARC’s President, Scotlund Haisley, said “In addition to the unsafe environment and lacking basic necessities, some of the animals are suffering from medical conditions such as fly strike, alopecia, and mammary tumors.”

ARC is providing safe shelter and care for the animals and transports are about to begin. The majority of the animals will be going to Mastiff rescue groups in Arizona, Texas and Louisiana. ARC will announce the placement partners as soon as possible and the animals will be available for adoption once pending medical and behavioral evaluations are completed.

11 thoughts on “Animal Rescue Corps Saves 16 Negelcted Mastiffs from AZ Property”

  1. The “concerned cittizens” name is Kelley Gary Wales you can find her and the group she had to start to get the attention needed to this matter to help these animals on Facebook at These Bull Mastiffs.

  2. Scotlund Haisley is fierce and determined to do what is right. Any animal so lucky to cross his path, their life is forever changed for the better. Hats off to Scotlund and ARC. True rescue in action.

  3. Arizona is a great state, and there are many people in office that care about animals and that will take a stand. There are many rural areas that still need awareness and education about animal health, animal treatment, and animal care. We need to get people in office who have compassion and who believe that how we as humans treat animals is also how we treat our fellow humans. I’m proud of people who take a stand and who make things happen for the better welfare of animals.


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