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Animal Rescue’s Social Media Craze Muttbombing Helping Dogs Find Homes


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The animal rescue Dallas Pets Alive is using social media in a unique way to help find homes for their animals. They are “muttbombing” people’s Instagram photos with their adoptable pets and the initiative is quickly going viral.

Earlier this month the rescue began their muttbombing campaign with Instagram users in the Dallas area. Taking a user’s selfie, they Photoshop one of their adoptable dogs into the photo with an entertaining caption. It may seem like a silly endeavor, but it is quickly gaining lots of fans and has already helped find homes for several dogs.

“The selfie is undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon that never got a social purpose until now,” saidLeslie Sans, executive director of Dallas Pets Alive. “Rescue groups have to stay relevant so homeless pets can be adopted; muttbombing is an innovative way to make sure our dogs are visible.”


The project has been a huge hit, and recently started including celebrity selfies. Celebrities such as Ryan Gosling, Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez have all been “muttbombed” by a dog from Dallas Pets Alive.

All of the entertaining muttbombs and information on how to adopt the adorable dogs can be seen at muttbombing.com.