Animal Rights Group Seeks Punishment for Men Involved in Throwing Dog Down Manhole

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An investigation is underway after a video surfaced of two African men throwing a dog into a manhole.

In Malaysia, 20 people from the Animal Action Group gathered at the campus of Multimedia University (MMU). The group has come together to condemn two foreign students who were recently involved in throwing a dog into a manhole.

The advisor of the group, Sharul Nizam Rahim, gave a memorandum to the university’s head of corporate communications, Abdul Lazi Nordin.

Rahim stated that the incident has given Malaysia a bad name and has also given them a reputation as an animal abuser country. His statement is based on telephone calls, messages and feedback to several overseas quarters.

The dog’s owner, a 19 year old from Jordan, asked the two African men to care for the dog while he was out of country visiting. While the dog was in their care, the two men threw it into a manhole.

“We want MMU and the police to conduct a thorough investigation into this matter and take appropriate action against the students.

“I know our group is very small, but we are here to seek justice for animals. They are also living creatures.

“Most of us here are also Muslims, and our religion does not teach us to abuse animals, including dogs,” Rahim said.

A video was captured of the incident as the two African students threw the dog into the manhole. The video quickly became viral across the Internet.

The popularity of the video has brought many people together, calling for action against the perpetrators.

MMU stated that the act, which demonstrated a severe lack of empathy and compassion, is strongly condemned by the institution. Nordin further explained the university’s position on the incident as he described the act as heinous and despicable.

“Should the university receive confirmation that our students were indeed involved, we will not hesitate to take action.

“Based on MMU’s records, we do have a student whose name matches the one stated in the police reports.

“However, we are unable to confirm that this person in our database is indeed the perpetrator of the heinous act. As such, the university will leave it to the police to investigate,” Nordin added, stating the MMU will cooperate with the police during the investigation.

“Based on police’s findings, MMU will implement any action deemed necessary by the university’s disciplinary board.

“We will not hesitate to mete out harsh punishment if the student is found guilty.”

It is alleged that the dog is still alive, as it was able to escape using an external exit big enough for the dog to get out.